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  2. Amazing trip, thanks so much @Kerry Beal
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  4. If it will ever quit raining, I am ready to get my yard guy to come down and put in my raised beds for my garden. I'm planning on three, maybe four, beds, about 6 x 12 feet. One will be a tomato bed, possibly with a couple of pepper plants at one end. One will be an asparagus bed, something I have always wanted. One will hold a couple of hills of yellow crookneck squash, a couple of hills of zucchini, a couple of hills of cucumbers, which will be a gracious plenty to provide for summer eating and some preserving. If there is a fourth, it will be for me to plant some spring peas and some Kentucky Wonder green beans, since I can find the dang things no where else. I will be planting herbs in the flower bed just off the back porch, for ease of quick harvest when I'm cooking. As that is on the north side of the house, I'm hoping the cilantro and parsley will last a bit longer; it used to suffer badly in the sun on the west side of my former house. I have nearly missed the window to plant trees, but I want a pear tree and a fig tree. May have to call a nursery tomorrow and see if we can get those in before spring gets here.
  5. So it sounds like they're getting out of Manhattan... https://1010wins.radio.com/articles/fairway-market-files-for-chapter-11-bankruptcy-70m-deal?fbclid=IwAR0oSq6unA3Ee49Xb5UTPc0a1LYL8R1L6vgkcbhr2KLxtUzYBR-IgAW78wk
  6. Last night I was in one of Nobu’s outposts. It was energetic/loud but I could still converse. 78 decibels. Today I flew in an Airbus 321...78 decibels too. Nobu seemed a lot louder.
  7. Well, this is truly weird. I tap on your quote and I get an error message saying that the page does not exist. Anyway, thanks for quoting it in full. I appreciate it.
  8. kayb

    DARTO pans

    I do not have a large enough Darto in which to fry okra. But I just can't comprehend it'd beat the 12-inch Lodge.
  9. I really enjoyed that story. I can related to being taken for granted because you're a "hillbilly" or "country bumpkin." But I would dearly love to visit this chef's restaurants. He just went on my bucket list.
  10. For me it goes to a post made by @mgaretz in the IPot thread with his recipe for Cabbage Soup. How is that possible? i think the recipe is actually on the same page as the the one you show...before or after if I remember.
  11. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Midweek dinner party last night. Conscientious use of assorted "planned overs" and easily prepared and/or do ahead dishes made it pretty easy. Pork rillettes, cornichons, baguette slices, homecured olives; sparkling wine Cauliflower (and bacon) soup served with crispy panko crumbed fried oyster on top, drizzle of curry oil Thick cut red snapper, seared, finished in oven, caper salsa, camargue rice, grilled radicchio with balsamic dribble Papillon blue and La Tur cheeses, prune and walnut pate Chocolate sherbet with crushed dried oranges and soft whipped cream DH’s famous fresh mint tea Navarro Gewertztraminer, planned to pair only with the soup, was requested throughout A good time with good friends.
  12. btbyrd

    DARTO pans

    I've used Dartos to make cornbread. It works fine, but the shape is different than you get from classic cast iron skillets... flared edges along the bottom and side rather than a hard corner. The only thing I use my cast iron for anymore is nachos (in a 12" Lodge) but now that I think of it, my No 34 paella would probably work even better.
  13. ‘Another new favorite soup is this one posted by @mgaretz. If you, like me, love, cabbage you’ll love this recipe. Easy to make and just delicious. Some nice crusty bread with it and it’s a meal.!
  14. OK just because I respect eG curiosity I got another pack. Distributed by Kroger out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Asking the local restaurant often flatters them - give it a go
  15. but they don't end up in the fruit basket like the bugs! 😀
  16. My friend the retired librarian has a son who guest lectures there (landscape architecture) I'll ask her what buzz/key words to use or departments to check. Cool!!!
  17. Thanks, as always, for taking us along.
  18. Love my IP for all sorts of soups and stews and for cooking dried beans. Also, carnitas, with this recipe, are excellent. I've also made applesauce and apple butter in it.
  19. You're welcome. I really enjoyed the book as well...it's a fascinating period, just at the cusp of New World foods beginning to arrive.
  20. One of favorites is Vegetable Beef soup. I use chuck or oxtail with some soup bones. Make the broth under pressure then add loads of fresh veg. Really easy and fun to throw together. Perfect on a wintry day. On my schedule for this weekend.
  21. I no longer have an InstaPot, gave it away because the 8qt was too large for me. However, I still have the 6qt FAGOR Multi-Cooker that I have owned for a few years before the IP appeared and I use it often. I cook dried beans of all types in it all the time - no need to soak them ahead of time and I cook them longer than the recommended time because that is the way I prefer them, so if they aren't to you taste, just reset the cooker and put them through another cycle of 1/4 or 1/2 the time. I buy frozen whole chickens when they are on sale - 2 in a bag - and separate them and freeze them separately. I put one in the fridge and let it thaw for a day or so, until I can get the bag of stuff out of the cavity. I put it into the Fagor, even is still partially frozen, with some seasoning and a cup of water. I set it on high pressure for 50 to 60 minutes, depending on size. I remove the chicken, take all the meat off the bones and refrigerate. I put the bones back into the pot along with celery, carrots and onions and another cup or two of water, depending on how much came out of the chicken. if there is less than an inch, 2 cups. I reset to low pressure and set the time for 40 minutes. when finished, I let it cool some then set a sieve over a container, dump the contents into the sieve, press on the solids to extract as much liquid as possible. Easy chicken stock.
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