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  2. That is one of the stupidest things I have ever listened to in my life.
  3. liuzhou

    funnel dispenser

    My favourite porn movie! . . . . . . Weak attempt at a joke.
  4. Exacty why I advocate for The Friendship Bench
  5. DiggingDogFarm

    Best First Cookbook

    The best FIRST all-around cookbook!? I'm going to go with "The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery: One of the World's Most Definitive Reference Books on Food and Cooking." ~1,300 pages.
  6. Also, go listen to Hannah Gadsby. Mabye the joke is not just for you anymore. Maybe it should be on you for a change. What are jokes these days? Nobody knows, especially not men. Am I right, fellows? 🙂
  7. I'm never sure about the 'nature' side of humans, we do seem to be able to be nurtured and taught. So I hope we don't hide behind some kind of belief of natural cruelty or insensitivity, especially when it only suits our own interests. I was taught to think before speaking and to walk a mile before criticizing. I made a joke a few years back about The Golf Channel. I was speaking to a bunch of mostly white male and middle-aged golfers and said something about how golf must make you impotent because of all the Erectile Dysfunction ads on that station. I thought it was a bit of simple humour, but many of the men who heard me say it were extremely angry and defensive. They didn't like it at all. But I don't think they ever connected it to their comments about women and their hormones and all those tired jokes.
  8. liuzhou

    Aprons: Do you use one?

    Nothing hurts when it's frozen solid!
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Ice Cream!

    I noticed today that my strawberry plants are flowering.
  10. My brother died due to an accidental opioid OD. If a week later, I was grocery shopping and say “Percocet Pie” or Heroin Hash”, I would have LOST it. Now I’d be fine. But why even skirt the line here?
  11. nonblonde007

    Political Correctness at the Milk Bar

    No one is forcing anyone to buy Tosi's product. If you are personally offended, don't buy. Simple. No need to make a huge fuss over it. Last time I checked, it was ok to be individuals with personal opinions on things and no one could sue the cement for falling on it and scraping their knees. Life is just too sweet to live it that way.
  12. gfweb

    Aprons: Do you use one?

    @btbyrd Apron and gloves for LN is weak. It doesn't hurt that much.
  13. scubadoo97

    Ice Cream!

    In reference to the strawberries, I find most all the strawberries in my markets, Florida or from California are tasteless.
  14. Smithy

    Dinner 2019

    That looks like a wonderful Easter dinner. Ramps!! Oh, you lucky duck! Ours will be coming up in about a month.
  15. Yep! (Taken out of context, that sounds rather uncomplimentary. ) OK, here's the other one for the day:
  16. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast BLT
  17. I've had it up to here.
  18. gfweb

    Dinner 2019

    Easter dinner on the patio (finally warm enough...just) Deviled eggs Potato salad with ramps Roast veg Smoked pork tenderloin with savory lingonberry sauce
  19. I will reuse oil that has been used for fries only. And just once or twice before disposing of it. I can dispose of cooking in in a milk carton in with out weekly "organics/compost" pick up.
  20. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    @TdeV, I don't do anything special. I shape the dough loosely into a ball and flatten. I have a board well floured and I oil my hands with olive oil and stretch initially from underneath the dough using my knuckles. I stretch until it resists, and then I let it rest for 10 minutes for the dough to relax. I oil my hands again and then just start to push out on the dough to stretch it further, letting it rest as needed. Once the centre is thin enough, I start to pull gently and stretch from the edge out. I hope that makes sense. The secret is letting the dough rest between stretches. When it is relaxed it stretches much easier.
  21. This one probably isn't too tough...
  22. Yesterday
  23. Dante

    Dinner 2019

    Jackfruit with barbecue sauce and chili-lime marinade over steamed corn (with butter,smoked paprika, and nutritional yeast) and chopped steamed kale.
  24. More sights from my walking tour. I did not buy the cute cookie jar, nor any of the very large apothecary jars (bargain-priced), nor any of the other pretty jars, nor the stiff wooden basket large enough to double as a crib, nor even a pressure gauge. Nor did I (even try to fit into) the vintage cowgirl outfit, for that matter. Later in the day we went to Miller's Smokehouse & Market. They have a great selection of fresh and smoked meats, sausage-making supplies, preserves and a few "normal" groceries. Here's a very small selection of their offerings: We bought some of their sausages, the massive chicken breasts I showed in the sous vide post earlier, and a selection of their stuffed peppers: jalapeno poppers, armadillo eggs, gator toes and brisket poppers. The brisket poppers are supposed to be the local favorites; having sampled some, I can see why. We baked them in the oven at 325F or 350F until the bacon wrapping was brown. They were good! We also bought pork steaks. It seems as though most areas that we travel favor thinly-sliced pork - something appropriate for quick frying, but not satisfying for the breaded, oven-baked version my darling prefers. These overcompensated: each steak was immense in thickness as well as area. We decided to share one. I couldn't finish my half. Lest you think we're only eating meat and potato salad in Llano, let me tell you about the green beans I cooked from @JAZ's new book, The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook for Two. (Disclosure: I was one of several eGullet recipe testers for this book, and Janet was good enough to send me a free copy by way of thanks. I'll also say that I liked the recipes I tested so much that I bought a copy of the book for my best friend when it hit the presses.) My copy finally (finally!) caught up to me in the roving mail, and it's bristling with sticky-notes for recipes to try. For this dinner it was the Warm Thai-Style Green Bean and Tomato Salad. Simple, from start to finish, and delicious. I didn't tell my darling it contained cilantro. He loved the salad as much as I did.
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