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  2. For my coconut cream ganache, I use 150g coconut milk (emusified so that water and coconut are thoroughly mixed), 450g white chocolate, and 15g coconut rum (plus other flavorings). As Merry Berry implied, it is probably best to stick with the same brand of coconut milk (or you can purchase coconut purée from such manufacturers as Boiron). 465:150 is a very high proportion of chocolate to liquid, but the coconut milk I use is quite fluid.
  3. You are all such good sports we will have to find something else equally mysterious just to keep you on your toes.
  4. Which brand of coconut milk did you use? I have tried quite a few and I always find the fat to water content ratio to be wildly different between brands. Also, just like with regular ganache, you probably should have used coconut cream just as you would use heavy cream versus milk. Better fat content ratio. That is what I am guessing went wrong, but I have never made ganache with coconut cream so maybe someone who has will chime in.
  5. Funny observation/ Here in Los Anglees where you can feel like you are IN an Asian local market in many places - HMart is not as loved and is perceived as a bit anitseptic. I go several miles furter to feel the energy. The madrush i produce dept. Feom my 2011 blog.
  6. an Indian " Bar Puzzle " ? you put a plate on top of these , then eat off the plate ? I was hoping to wait a bit for a large dose of M.R. but ... better call the thrift shop soon
  7. Thank you. I added the white part and discarded the transparent liquid. As I understand, the white part is the fat of the coconut milk that comes from the pulp that they heat when the milk is produced..
  8. So the bottom of the cup would stick out of the hole underneath? (why am I getting myself involved in this 🤣)
  9. LOL me too! Ronnie is out tinkering with the broken freezer.....wouldn't it be fun for that one to start working again and then we'd have TWO. However, we have no space for two..... I suppose we could put one in the bedroom.... Then again, how can you ever trust a freezer again after it's betrayed you like mine did?
  10. Maybe saucers missing their cups? I normally come here to relax.
  11. I read the James Herriot books years ago and loved them. I would have bought them again but the Kindle edition is no longer for sale.
  12. Be sure to show us the new freezer when you get it...nothing gets me going more than available freezer space! I have two uprights and yet I still lust after a new chest style. (If I could find any kind that was self-defrosting I'd buy it despite any amount of common sense.)
  13. Kerry Beal

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    So the bottom piece of stainless with the wooden 'spike' in it was the stand and the other 3 pieces of stainless with the felt on the bottom of each fit down over top of the spike. Kind of like a coaster holder but with a hole in the middle. This is a Value Village square in the middle of a largely Indian community. A lot of the stainless we saw in there were Indian food based pieces.
  14. If this were the first of April, I would assume they foisted a fancy car part off on us. Looks like it could go under the hood of a Royal Royce. Lol.
  15. You added all the water from the coconut milk and little of the fat. It might be a little firmer if you had stirred the coconut milk all together. For now, I’d just add more white chocolate to the desired thickness. Next time, emulsify your coconut milk first, then add the liquid a little at a time so you have more control over the consistency.
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  17. better go back for further deconstruction and analysis. of course , once its figured out it will be obvious.
  18. I will invite @Kerry Beal to respond. I am busy banging my head against the wall.
  19. No. We took a photograph of it to amuse/ befuddle all the wonderful people on eG.
  20. Eutectic effect of one fat on another fat means that the resulting melting point is different than the melting points of the initial fats. I suspect you could probably get this to solidify by tempering it.
  21. I'm definitely going to move some of it out to the new one.....for sure that top shelf needs to be reduced because of the dang ice that builds up in there. But I'm not moving all of it!
  22. so : three oval things , each w a circular steel thing in the middle ? where does the felt bottomed circular thing fit on ? there is only one of those ?
  23. Two lunches in a row but only one adventure per week. Today @Kerry Beal and I returned to an old favourite, Hakka Fresh. We shared: The deep fried cauliflower. Chicken Karachi. Deluxe special Chow Mein. And of course some rice. We decided that water was just fine today so no questionable drinks. At least we hope not. It was all good. Kerry put the cauliflower at #1 and the chow mein at #2. I was like Buridan’s ass, unable to choose. But whatever way you slice it, I was the one to take the doggy bag home.
  24. JoNorvelleWalker

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    She didn't buy it??
  25. Oh dear Shelby! And of course Ronnie is out of town. What a royal pain in the you know what. Such a lot of work. Everyone's worst nightmare. Are you going to move everything back out to the garage when you get your new freezer?
  26. gfweb


    also a Costco thing
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