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  2. Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection Oven (Part 3)

    I used my CSO for the first time tonight to cook a big (one pound) chicken leg quarter and a baked potato a little less then a pound. I know there is excellent guidance for chicken and many other things in this thread, but searching for the specific information I want seems to be beyond my capacity. So, I read through the two chicken recipes in the owner's manual. Hmm. One for whole roast 4 pound chicken says steam bake at 450 F for 50 minutes. The other for four thighs says steam bake at 300 F for 60 minutes. Not much guidance, but I decided to go 425 F for 45 minutes. It worked fine, and the chicken and potato were good. The temp registered 180 F when I took the chicken out at the end of the cycle. That was 5 or 10 degrees higher than I wanted to take it. I would have taken it out to check the temp when the skin around the "ankle" joint on the drumstick split and exposed the bone in a conventional oven. I was afraid to open the door lest I mess up the program or get scalded with steam. Can one open the door while a cook program is running? How cautious does one have to be with the hot steam? I know steam will penetrate regular padded fabric oven mitts like they weren't even there. I did manage to run the steam clean function after figuring out it wasn't a one touch button operation as advertised in the manual. It doesn't say so, but I had to press Start/Cancel to get steam clean to start. On one hand Duh, but they could have said so in an instruction manual. It worked very well to help clean up the mess the roast chicken made of my shiny new oven. And best of all, I didn't have to get down on my knees and stick my head into a conventional oven or deal with caustic chemicals. This chicken did not suffer a lot from the slight overcook. The birds these came from are so mature and got some exercise I can tell. I think next time, I'll try maybe steam bake 350 F for 40 minutes and then steam bake at 400 F for another 10 minutes and see what the temp is. Maybe convection bake at the end to get the crispiest skin? I have four more of these giant leg quarters in the freezer. Any advice for a CSO newbie? Has anyone made pizza in it? I've been without an oven for so long , that I am just so happy to have the CSO now you really wouldn't believe it.
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  4. the lower end model Polysciences are very plastic-y... and still pricey. I don't like the idea of having to use an app to control an appliance. Sous Vide Supreme broke the price barrier when real circulators were still selling for $1500. Now that they're about $100, a non-circulating water bath makes no sense. I vote strongly for the Anova.
  5. Okay, I know i'm being a tiny bit pedantic, but this strikes me in a way as jarring as if you'd printed a Mexican recipe and called for Dhania leaves. Doesn't Canada still call it coriander in ENGLISH, or have you been infected with the US disease?
  6. this still seems, to me, to be the bottom line on the Instant Pot in general. I'm only really interested in what it excels at; that is, does better than any other way. so far, I'm finding it useful for making stocks or broths under pressure, and I made some pretty nice creamy polenta. but the 'one pot meals', meh
  7. Thanks for letting me join!

    Here are some pictures of Nigerian foods! I don't know much about Ethiopian foods, but they might be similar! Sorry for my late response and thanks for your interest!
  8. Thanks for letting me join!

    Jollof rice This is from http://www.travelstart.com.ng/blog/22-foods-nigerians-miss-most-while-living-abroad/.Pounded yam with okra blended and our soup (This is from http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2015/06/21/to-father-with-love-pounded-yam-okro-stew/)
  9. All right, you lot, you enablers, I cooked my first meal in the Instant Pot Duo Mini tonight. I was skeptical when I opened the box and realized that 3 quarts (the volume of the inner pot) is what I consider medium-to-small, and I rarely use my 3 quart pots for dinner. I mentally prepared to return the pot. Then I thought about space in our trailer, and how the 6-quart unit won't fit. I tested it: first the steam function, as specified in the instructions. Then a series of "use it or lose it" ingredients from the refrigerator became dinner: butt bacon, onions (including the tops), potatoes, chorizo, green beans past their prime. I fiddled around with steaming and sauteing, then leaving the mixture alone. The resulting photograph doesn't live up to the high standards of this community, but we loved the result. It was well-balanced to our tastes - no salt, pepper or spices to be added. Only one cutting mat, one knife and the IP's inner pot were dirtied. Better still, there are enough leftovers for another meal - something I'd doubted when I began this exercise. Yes, it's too small to be our favorite slow-cooker when we're home, but it's a versatile space saver when we're on the road. It's staying. Thanks, I think.
  10. Not Another Way To Roast Chicken!

    Funny, that's what crossed my mind.
  11. My older sister is turning 50 so I made her a cake because I'm so nice ... ... and put chocolate dinosaurs on it because sibling rivalry will never die
  12. FWIW I'm happy with the sous vide supreme too. Once upon a time it was the cheapest. Only disadvantage is the counterspace it occupies. So I keep it in the cellar.
  13. It's a few years late for the OP, but for anyone else coming through tasting the best restaurant in Prosser is Wine o'clock Wine Bar and Bistro/Bunnell Cellars in the wine tasting village off of Exit 80. The menu is short, but they do their best to use fresh, local ingredients. I haven't found a better restaurant in the entire Yakima Valley, but I've only been over here for nine years or so.
  14. GF flours - why so gritty?

    @RWood, Thank you again for the recommendation of Steve's GF pastry flour from Authentic Foods. I got a bag and made a cake and it was not gritty at all! It was a bit pasty, but that may have been due to all my other substitutions. I went full gluten-, milk-, and egg-free, using egg replacer and a combo of oil and cocoa butter for fat. I believe if I had used butter and eggs as usual it would have been even closer to "real" cake. (With so many substitutions plus winging it, I didn't have high expectations. I'm sure even vegan could be better with fine tuning.) I don't get many gluten free cake requests, but next time I do I'll use that flour. Do you think it's better frozen for storage or fine at room temp? Here's the cake, layered with strawberry jam and cashew/brown sugar/vanilla "cream"
  15. Recommended Sous Vide Circulator?

    Thanks. How long have you had the Polyscience, and do you use it frequently?
  16. Of course I thought of it after making my last post... On the spa side, and getting away from everything, there is Storm King Spa just outside the west entrance of Mt. Ranier park. The cabins are mostly outside of cell phone range, so you can really get away. While the spa menu isn't extensive, there are massages, facials, sauna, hot tub, body polishes and bath soaks. It's not really a food place, though, but the Copper Creek Inn Restaurant nearby had the best blackberry pie we've ever had, and my wife thought they had the best biscuits and gravy she's had.
  17. For your 24th, or for others interested in this thread, Cameo Heights Mansion (B&B) near Walla Walla, WA may be a possibility. Their restaurant has a seven course dinner with optional wine pairings. My wife and I stayed there and had dinner for our anniversary a few years ago. Not inexpensive, but very nice rooms and food.
  18. Not Another Way To Roast Chicken!

    electric charcoal starter?
  19. Cooking with Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard

    They look tasty. If I can get some fresh, I will try them in the air fryer.
  20. Made a batch of butter, clarified frozen cherries and attempted to clarify tomato (tomato was a failure as we hadn't yet hit the brew store to buy pectic enzyme, chitosan and kiesesol). And that was all before smuggling it back across the border!
  21. Valuable lesson learned - batch mode - not necessary to put the feeder in the unit. Cause if you do - removing it when you are done will cloud up your results.
  22. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Amazing share of the market! Thanks for the link!
  23. Cooking with Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard

    Okra Oven Fries p 405 - a crispy and delicious snack. The recipe calls for 1 lb of okra to yield 4 servings. What you see in the photo is a small batch I cooked up with ~ 6 oz of raw okra and I'm pretty sure I could scarf up a pound's worth of these fries by myself. Vivian recommends serving the Kitchen Sink Mayo or Cilantro Buttermilk, either of which would have been delicious but I had some Cesar-type dressing on hand from another dish and it did the job admirably!
  24. Scooted across the border this am to visit with @patris and pick up my Spinzall. We drove out to Lancaster, NY and had a lovely lunch at 99 Brick Oven Bar and Grill. Tuscan 'rosettes' for @patris Schnitzel sandwich for me. We dropped in at a great little bean to bar chocolate shop Dark Forest Chocolate and had a nice chat with the couple that own it - we tasted several of their chocolates and bought a few bars to bring home. We were particularly taken with their malted bar and their dark milk chocolate.
  25. I have the Polyscience and am very happy with it.
  26. Stock in a Pressure Cooker

    In a few hours I had expected delivery of three pounds of oxtail, mainly for making the stock for umamimart curry: https://umamimart.com/blogs/main/japanese-curry-scratch?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=9/7_JapaneseCurryRecipe Sadly I was just notified by amazon the oxen are not available. Amazon will substitute something else if applicable. I shudder to think what. Anyhow, if I am to prepare a stock I wondered if the pressure cooker is still the method of choice? The umamimart recipe calls for a slow cooker going for two days.
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