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  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    SV corned beef, 72 hours, medium rare and fork tender. Trimmed the corned beef for tomorrow's hash, and trimmed the cabbage for cole slaw. Left with a square meal on a cold day. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! dcarch
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Pork fillet was on special $15 per kg down from $28. I got two. Last year the butchers at the small town store I shop at didn't seem to know its worth and it was always $8 a kilo, it was, and still is, not very well prepared and you have to clean it up alot. But someone clued them in pricewise. Whole grain mustard dressed with creamed kale. Roasted to 155f with the probe and rested - hub gets nervous with pork.
  4. Breakfast! 2018

    Fried potatoes topped with a spoonful of the Braised Beef with Lots and Lots of Onions (here). This dish becomes almost a condiment — like caramelized onions with some shredded beef thrown in.
  5. At one time I was so excited about this concept. Not so much anymore. There are probably many reasons for the change of heart and perhaps the most weighted would be that over the past weeks my health has improved to the point where I can do most things In the kitchen if I pace myself. I love cooking, know a fair bit about it and have all the time in the world. I don’t seem to check any of the boxes that would put me in the demographic likely to buy these. Nevertheless I found the experience fun and I still would be willing to buy one of the higher end kits that my store has to offer and assess it for my own interest. Certainly I better understand the need for so much packaging. When everything is all lumped together the end result is both unattractive and defeats the purpose of garnishes. Further, when onion slices are lumped in with baby spinach leaves it’s inevitable that one will be under cooked and the other overcooked.
  6. Breakfast! 2018

    Duck confit hash with (of course) fried egg
  7. Looks very interesting. I've bought it on iBooks and will check it out.
  8. Well, the largest supermarket in this area, Shop Rite, is showing a new item, 15 minute Chef’s Menu meal kits. Advertised as dinner for 2, they are $11.99-12.99. Those prices are “sale” prices, $2. off the “regular” price. Three chicken dishes, one pork, one beef. When I go shopping today I will see if they are in stock at my local store yet to see what they look like. Shop Rite is solidly “middle market”, unlike Wegmans, so I wouldn’t expect much other than high sodium content.
  9. Techie's Toys

    Not really. My stepmother's was on the back right. It was a Westinghouse with two ovens and a broiler under one of the ovens plus a warming drawer. Like this one. It also had a florescent light which put out a weird blue light. She never used it because it bothered her (migraines). My dad mounted one of the jointed "architect's" lamps on the wall above the stove so she could have good lighting. The other photo is a late 1930s Westinghouse that I came across while looking for info on an electric roaster. This was the stove we ended up getting. Roper Town & Country. We had to do a lot of entertaining because of my husband's job and a regular range just did not have enough output. It has two ovens and a broiler which can be converted to an oven by locking the lift mechanism down and installing one or more racks - it came with extra racks. The griddle is much larger than on most ranges and we used it a lot. We did have to get a larger gas line put in because that thing demanded a lot of gas. We did not have a range hood - it was on an exterior wall and my dad (he was a contractor and built our house) installed two 12" exhaust fans with a small copper "hood" that was only about 8' deep. There were louvers on the outside that opened automatically when the fans were on.
  10. I will confirm the 5 bowls.....
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  12. Cooking Issues Podcast

    Ive been listening on and off for a few years. Nearly always enjoyed it. The Kitchen Cabinet is a very good podcast. It's an extended version of the BBC Radio 4 programme. The host is Jay Rayner. Also listen to "The Fridge Light" from CBC radio. I have to be driving or something long and tedious.......like gardening! Almost never listen at home as I don't have the boredom Gene when home...never.D
  13. Sonic Drive-In

    For me, Sonic is all about the drinks. There are quite a few locations in Phoenix, and it's great to pick up a cold drink in the summertime here. My current favorite is the frozen lemonade, but the ice cream slush (half ice cream, half slush, blended) is pretty good for a cheap treat. They also offer a grilled cheese sandwich for under $2. I like pickle juice and will probably try the drink at some point. Here, 2pm-4pm is happy hour with half price drinks.
  14. To understand a little of what the book is based on you might scan the manufacturer’s note from the link I gave above on Amazon.ca
  15. In this case strawberries are made into a ketchup.
  16. Thanks. It doesn’t seem to want to cooperate on an iPhone and I no longer own a computer.
  17. Anything the size of a McDonalds to me isn't a fry. I like big fat chips with mayo salt and vinegar. I don't make them very often now, the frozen ones are adequate for most applications. Just like I rarely make mash anymore. I'm pretty lazy too!! D
  18. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    At risk of straying off topic here, but no, no one lives in that complex, but conveniently right next door is another gated complex where many of the people who work there do live and next door to that is the complex where I lived for fifteen years until a year ago when I moved somewhere very nearby. Fortunately, both my past address and my present address are on the same electricity supply line, so unlike most of the city which experiences regular power cuts, the Party can't be cut off, so neither am I. I cook with gas, but in the dark? I have, in the nature of my work, visited the government complex often and most guards wave me through, but occasionally I meet a newbie who thinks me passing through will destroy thousands of years of history and tradition. A phone call always sorts that out. The local restaurants are probably not too happy, as this recently opened canteen has taken away a lot of their business. In fact, one of my favourites, specialising in very local food gave up and moved to the other side of the city. I envy your scallops. The ones we get here are, if royal at all, at best, minor princesses.
  19. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Yes it does count. You need four Manx grandparents to be Manx though. Not many of them left now. Not much of a culinary history either being surrounded by the sea. Queenies or our small Scallops are quite popular. I prefer King scallops which are bigger and I think more flavourful. There is a culture here of heavy drinking, in fact the "Sun" newspaper once called us 70k drunks clinging to a rock. It's true. Do people live in the gated complex or is it purely for work? Seems like the " Job to Have " if food ever becomes an issue. D
  20. I used a Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Angus Corned Beef Brisket, U.S. Choice Premium Flat Cut. For me, the texture was perfect. The meat was very tender, but firm enough to slice easily, without falling apart. Very happy with the result.
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I like STS every now and then, also! There's a sodium-reduced version, at least in Canada I know there is. I sautée onions, celery and mushrooms in a bit of butter and olive oil, then mix in the STS and add bits of hot water until it seems close. Then cover and simmer on the lowest temp for a bit, checking now and again. It usually turns out pretty well.
  22. The Flavor Matrix by James Briscione

    Blueberry and horseradish sounds pretty good. I'll never know because, you know, the birds. I once had a delightful blueberry hot sauce called Wild Blue Yonder: https://www.specialtyfood.com/products/product/8649/pemberton-s-wild-blue-yonder-wild-blueberry-hot-sauce/
  23. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    St. Patrick's dinner and yes I am Irish Instant pot 80 minutes manual high pressure left to sit 20 minutes in the IP while I did the spuds , cabbage and carrots in the mini IP for 6 minutes...fall apart meat and a man who ate more MUCH more then he intended because it tasted so good! T'was a fine Irish dinner!
  24. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    After two murderously early mornings, dinner was a can of Progresso Manhattan clam chowder. And good it was. Accompanied by the husks of this week's boule. Dessert was my (finally!) vanilla ice cream with iSi whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. The iSi is for far more than methode rotuts. That's why I have three. And there were thirds on the whipped cream.
  25. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    According to 23andme I am mostly Irish/British. I wish I could stomach corned beef. I can't.
  26. Gluten free cooking hacks

    Thanks for the link. Bookmarked, and i'll be trying them for the middle child soon.
  27. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    It was a most excellent dinner. The brisket was only four pounds, not the five I'd guessed. I cut it in two pieces and plunked it in the IP. Ninety minutes pressure cook, 10 minutes NPR, dipped out a few ladlefulls of broth to cook the cabbage because there was no room, added the potatoes and carrots. Put it back on for another 10 minutes, another 10 NPR. Veggies probably could have done with seven or eight minutes, but they weren't harmed. Meanwhile, I cooked the cabbage in the stock on top of the stove just until it still had some body to it, but was perfectly tender. Corned beef was a tad salty, which surprised me, as it was the Ruhlman brine, which last year was perfect. May have been the fact I left it 10 days, rather than the week he recommends? I thought when one reached equilibrium there was no corresponding increase in saltiness for length of time brining. Am I wrong? Nevertheless, it'll make fine sandwiches and hash. Looking forward to both.
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