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  2. Best Fast Food Burger

    As we've discussed (as I re-read this topic I see we've even talked about it here in the past), "fast food" is a pretty nebulous concept these days. My internal thought process is that you've really got two fundamentally different styles of burger place: those where you can specify how you'd like it cooked and those where you can't. I'm not trying to compare Freddy's to Owen and Engine -- both terrific burgers, but so fundamentally different that I don't really consider them the same food.
  3. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    I was going to put the final coat of paint on the cold frame today, but, it's just too hot out there. So, I turned my attention to lunch, a liverwurst spread with chopped onions, some warm, ripe brie and a bit of kimchi. HC
  4. @Toliver thanks I wonder what the 21.6 cm dimension represents : that's 8.2 " and would be large for the iPot. canceled my order.
  5. The dimensions were listed further down the product page: Size: 21.5x6x4cm
  6. A Chef's Life Season 5

    in my area , BOS , a Chef's Life begins season 5 on Sat. Oct 7th. A show on tomatoes. I looking forward to it. Indeed Oct 7th seems to be the date in my area for new series for 5 higher end afternoon PBS cooking shows.
  7. HELP! Flank Steak Question

    Too much decision-making pressure. You don't need the stress. Just forget about it and bake a potato.
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  9. Best Fast Food Burger

    Slater's 50/50 can't really be classified as fast food. I've been there and had to wait a hellava long time to get the customized burger I ordered (lesson learned...never order a customized burger...which is supposed to be one the features at Slater's. Next time I will order whatever is already on the menu). Plus, they serve a kabillion beers on tap, ranging from Big Beers (Michelob, et al) to craft/IPA beers. That ain't a fast food joint. I'm just sayin'... edited for spelking
  10. I would certainly do the meat first and then when the pressure has dropped add vegetables and cook those. It depends a great deal on how large you cut the vegetables but I find an additional 3 to 4 minutes at high pressure is plenty.
  11. JohnT, Thanks I figured it was something along those lines. Elsied, yes that's how I do it.
  12. HELP! Flank Steak Question

    I say cut across the grain. Don't worry if the strips are too short to coil into a "burger patty" shape. You can always wind another strip starting where the previous one left off, repeat this until you get the desired size of "patty". If you're worried it might fall apart, a long wooden skewer (or two) can hold it altogether until after it's cooked.
  13. @Kerry Beal sent me the recipe for this. I am a little worried about how it will slice.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh, don't do that, unless you really love your dog. Chop it up in the food processor and make some good roast beef hash. Or you could chop it and make a really good bolognese sauce. How about tacos, burritos or enchiladas.
  15. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I had a craving for roast chicken. Well actually if the truth be told it was really a craving for mashed potatoes and gravy.
  16. It would give a new twist to refried beans instead of using bacon fat.
  17. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    I had my leftovers from Saturday's lunch out at Floyd's. Grilled Catfish and Dirty Rice - gently reheated in the microwave while covered with a damp paper towel.
  18. I'm not enabling, but I love the lemon ones.
  19. Brilliant, Tropicalsenior! There is quite a distinctive star anise & ginger flavour to it, but I think a beef barley soup would be really nice with the fat. Also throw a scoop into bolognaise, beans, fried rice, chow mein. And yorkshire puddings! Mmmmm... beef fat!
  20. Here's another use for that beef fat. Make roux by cooking it off with an equal amount of flour. Cook it until it is a light amber color, then freeze it in small ice cube trays or in a roll that you can shave the roux off to have instant roux for thickening soups or stews.
  21. Instant Pot Taiwanese beef noodles. Garnished with chopped sour pickled mustard and a bit of chili oil. Tasted way better than it looks. I used the Meat/Stew function (35 mins) with natural release, which I think was a tad too long for the beef rib finger meat. It fell apart a bit too much, as did the tendons. Thinking 30 mins might do it next time. Also the finger meat was rather too fatty. I skimmed an entire bowlful of fat and also removed a good amount the next day (which I used to saute bok choy - waste not, want not! I also highly recommend beef noodle fat-roasted potatoes....). Will do beef shank again next time. What I've learned so far: Use less liquid than in regular braising/stewing. OK, here's a stew question. If I want to make stew with carrots & potatoes, how do I get the veg cooked in there without it all going to mush? Do I pressure cook it twice - once till the meat is almost done, then chuck in the veg & pressure cook a second time? Or simmer it on the Saute function?? Next stop - probably bolognaise or ragu. Or potatoes. Or maybe I'll steam something. Steamed potatoes.
  22. I measured my regular cupcake pan and it looks to me like this would be about nine and a half inches wide. My pot is just barely nine inches. I'm looking here for the individual silicone cupcake molds. Those you could put closer together in the pot and there would still be room for the steam to rise around them. kayb, did you cover them with foil when you used them?
  23. I had trouble changing out my screen... but I twittered Dave Arnold, who offered suggestions... and when they didn't succeed, he had me send it to him and personally handled getting it back in good-as-new shape. There's definitely product support behind the Searzall... after you figure out how to get in touch with them.
  24. Im thinking about a Searzall. Amazon says 2 - 5 months. and with issues of changing out the screen ................... any idea if these things just have dropped out of sight due not term use issues ?
  25. Best Fast Food Burger

    A place with a view and good food would be novel indeed. From their menu it looks like they've got two different burgers. Which one did you order? Is this a place that cooks them to order, or are they just well-done?
  26. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Oops. My apologies, Chris. Very good as toast the next morning. This may go in the regular rotation. I think I got my dough a bit too dry; I was on the phone as I was measuring flour, and may have overdone it. Suspect I shall try a sandwich later today.
  27. Other than being a different color, it appears to be the same. There are also a couple in the "also looked at" collection at the bottom of the Amazon page that look similar. There was not quite an inch clearance in my Duo 6 for these, if that's helpful.
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