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  2. That is one beautiful looking loaf of bread.
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  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Just now... Chop with parsnip mash and roast leaves of Brussels sprouts -- from Food and Wine, as brought to our attention by @liamsaunt https://forums.egullet.org/topic/155166-dinner-2017-part-6/?do=findComment&comment=2130737 Aleppo pepper and sel gris. This is truly good. Bread not shown.
  5. Movies/Films with Food-Related Themes

    I enjoyed the movie "Canela" 2012 on one of our Spanish language locally broadcast channels tonight. There are many scenes with lovely ingredients, food prep and meals being served, so you may enjoy it, if you can find it. I did, and my Spanish isn't good enough to keep up with all the dialogue. I tried to find it with subtitles, but failed. If anyone runs across it with English translation, please share it with us.
  6. New to me cut of beef for sous vide

    To each their own. I swear by it, it has never let me down. Show me real world proof or keep your opinions to your self.
  7. Often sold flowering here - stronger taste but I like it
  8. There's a certain pride in that, isn't there? I was frantic during our packing-up: the large batches of kraut fermenting in our kitchen still needed to be dealt with one way or the other, and I had (grr) no time. I got it done anyway, and what we have here is about half of what I'd made. What method did you use for your kraut? Have you written about it in the Sauerkraut topic, or in the less specific What Are You Preserving, and How Are You Doing It? topic? If not, we're missing out.
  9. I was out of town most of the weekend so couldn't do any sourdough or even pre-ferments: that left me with direct for today's baking. Fortunately, I got a much-anticipated package of fresh ground Oklahoma corn meal from @joiei in the mail today, so I had a plan. I started by making a direct French lean dough, but then added 50% cornmeal porridge (grits? polenta? somewhere in that range). This resulted in a great improvement to the baseline direct dough. This definitely didn't last long on the counter!
  10. Yes, Frantoi Cutrera. Good stuff.
  11. My final yu choi harvest... they're starting to go to flower... The plants...
  12. What would you not part with?

    Sentimental: Great grandmother's cut stirring spoon, turning fork, wooden salad bowl and soap kettle. Dad's knife scabbard. Granddad's F.Dick beavertail steel. My self-made knives. Utilitarian: 3.5mm hammered tinned copper saute, egg clacker, a tapered wall Windsor, a round gratin/roaster.
  13. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I ordered mine from igourmet.com. Confit, too.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Chili, garlic shrimp skewers, Greek salad with roasted garlic, soft butter and warm bread. HC
  15. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Sunday Lunch at Floyd’s with my husband. Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya with Potatoes Floyd for him and Grilled Catfish with a Loaded Baked Potato for me.
  16. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    And to add my two cents worth, good call cooking it low and slow rather than in the Instapot. Time allows the fat to render. finding the Toulouse Sausage might be difficult . I could make them I suppose.
  17. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    OMG. That all looks delicious. I just made a duck leg confit so I just need a few more easy to get items......
  18. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    There are three kinds of flat roofers. The one who gives you flat roof that leak today, and the other gives you flat roof that leak tomorrow. However if done by a qualified roofer who knows how to build, flat roofs should not leak. But back to kitchen /home renovations. Plan carefully. Due to major hurricanes and fires, significant labor and material shortage is here and will be much worst in the coming months (may be years). dcarch
  19. New to me cut of beef for sous vide

    The whole issue of enzymatic tenderization isn't really relevant to this discussion. The temps we're talking about are much too high. I also have a priori reasons to be suspicious of low-temp tenderization of beef (in large part because the enzymes are mostly inactive after the time involved in the beef aging process) but I don't want to go into them and give that theory any more publicity than it's already gotten. If low-temp enzymatic tenderization was a fantastic idea, MC or ChefSteps or someone other than random internet forum dudes would have made a big deal about it. But it isn't so they didn't. And not just because of liability issues (though those are heavy; most everyone I've seen who swears by the 105-122F stepwise SV tenderization process seems like a goon who would rather poison their family than try a proper triangle test to see if the risk was worth it). Enzymes aside, tissue contracts when you cook it. At 130F or 140F, it's still going to contract. There is nothing magical about 136.5F. If there is, I'd love to see a proper citation (or better yet, a well-done SV experiment on YouTube that isn't performed by goons). There's juice all over the place at 130F, even for just a couple hours. The idea that something's going to be radically more juicy if you cook it at 135F for 12 hours and then jump to 160F for another 12 hours seems like magical thinking to me. I'm willing to be persuaded. But... *citation needed
  20. Great Canadian Baking Show

    ...though as for that, you're more than welcome to pass over the Nanaimo bars and opt for butter tarts instead. (...coughwithraisinscough...)
  21. Camping, Princess Style

    I'll second that, it's one of my cold-weather staples. Next batch will be even more fun, because it'll be my own home-fermented sauerkraut.
  22. Oreo Cookies

    and yet another new Oreo Limited Edition Flavor: Hot Cocoa. Not too bad! Crispy crunchy cookie and a thin layer of the regular filling and another thin layer of a chocolate filling. It's been a long while since I've had chocolate oreos so maybe it's the same filling? I'm sure the husband and kid will polish off the bag in no time!
  23. Garlic in Infused Oil and Ghee

    I heat garlic in oil over low heat. Then I bung it in the ISI whip and charge it with N2O to pressure infuse. Strain and USE I DONT KEEP IT. But still, who is looking to keep infused garlic oil at room temp or for more than a few days? “. failure to acidify will result in a final product that must be stored under refrigeration and used within two or three days.”
  24. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    A roofer who was working on the roof of the shop I used to work in said "They are two kinds of flat roofs. The ones that leak today, and the ones that leak tomorrow."
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