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  2. Food funnies

    Further to the above post...
  3. Pistachio Paste

    Hi Jo, That's about 250g of roasted pistachios, lightly broken up first by blender. Cheers Luke
  4. No flakes though - scraped while they are still wet.
  5. Today
  6. I believe you and pastrygirl, you're both much more experienced at this than I am. I was just picturing me trying to scrape color off and about the fifth or sixth time the scraping caused big flakes of the color to break away, me saying a few discouraging words as the mold went sailing towards the trashcan.
  7. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Rainbow Chard with Garlic & Jalapeños (I subbed orange manzano peppers for the jalapeños) from Six Seasons p 298. After the chard is sautéed with garlic and the peppers, red wine vinegar is added and everything marinates for a few hours or overnight so the topping has a slightly pickled quality.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Leftover chili and rice. Salad of diced beets and fresh mozzarella with a balsamic dressing
  9. Pretty sure that's the one.
  10. I'd use my little silicone tipped clay tool to scrape then back with yellow. Painting a tiny line is tedious! When you scrape with a tool - the tool follows the curves really easily and gives a nice line. These are done with a quick scrape (or two).
  11. Cooking with Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian India

    Fresh Cilantro and Yogurt Chutney (p. 307) Cilantro, chiles, and yogurt, basically. I've put it on a bunch of different dals (and the paneer above, plus just plain rice), it's a nice accent point.
  12. Cooking with Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian India

    Fresh Indian Cheese in a Butter-Tomato Sauce (p. 298) Some version of this dish exists at every US Indian restaurant I've ever eaten at, I think (though often it's the chicken version rather than the paneer). It's very rich, with quite a bit of butter and cream in it, so it's unusual for the dishes of this book. In some ways it's redolent of some Italian pasta dishes with their cream and tomato bases, but of course the added spices are pure India. It comes out very saucy, so I served it with quite a bit of rice. It was delicious.
  13. Cooking Light Diet

    Tonight it was pork tenderloin with roasted apples and onions. The recipe called for pork chops, but we prefer tenderloin. The pork was cooked sous vide then seared. We had it with red cabbage, panko/parm roasted potatoes and carrots in reduced white balsamic vinegar.
  14. Jeez Louise! 1. I am such a hick. I should have assumed that a chocolate fountain like that would be readily identifiable to folks more worldly than I. You'll see some of her other teaser photos in the next couple of days, and you can feel free to tell me in what order I should have done them to prolong the game. 2. I told her you lot were quick, but y'all outdid even my expectations. So yes, Alex wins the No-Prize, with assists from ElsieD, munchymom and FauxPas. It's Smokeydoke, live to you from Las Vegas. in a couple of days. Next time, I think I'll try to run the guessing game in, oh, 2 hours.
  15. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Added some color to dinner tonight! Sautéed Chicken Breast (seasoned with Nanami Togarashi, Salt and Black Pepper) with Zucchini, Yellow Bell Pepper, Onion, Serrano Pepper, Garlic, Mexican Oregano and Salsa
  16. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Pork tenderloin with apples and onion, pan sauce, red cabbage, carrots pickled in reduced white balsamic and parm/panko potatoes. Pork was cooked sous vide @140 for 2 1/2 hours.
  17. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Nothing fancy. Pan seared wasabi panko crusted tuna. Okonomiyaki sauce. Steamed asparagus with balsamic vinaigrette.
  18. Maybe it is! Personally I think trying to get an even line with a tiny brush would be the greater form of painstaking tedium, but you have a good point about the heavy spots that could be brush stops and starts. Oddly enough, another chocolatier has something similar on Instagram today ... And aside from the leech-iness, what boxes do these fit in?
  19. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Pan seared grass fed filet mignon from WF with roasted broccoli. Filet is my husband's favorite cut and I indulge him once in a while. Personally I prefer strip or ribeye.
  20. I do believe that @RobertM used one of these for a number of years. Perhaps he will answer your questions.
  21. @artiesel I don’t personally know anyone with this machine, but you can check out some of The Chocolate Lab’s Instagram videos where they are using a JKV. Not many pointers about the specific machine, but at least you can see it in action. You may try a direct message to see if he will respond. Can’t hurt!
  22. Yesterday
  23. I would agree with Tri2Cook. Paint yellow line first - because you can see some areas where the color behind the yellow is blueish. I’ve done a bar mold using the spray/scrap method. I sprayed black, scraped away with a chopstick, then backed the areas I scraped in gold. Worked out well!
  24. A little bit less with this mould. I noticed that you can actually scrape it off as well. Carefully.
  25. This is not sarcastic, I'm asking this in all sincerity... why wouldn't it be easier to paint the yellow line in with a brush, spatter with black, then back with the blue? It would still be a lot of work painting all those lines in but it seems to me like it would be easier than trying to cleanly scrape colors away. Edit: the more I look at the picture, the more I'm convinced on the paint them in idea. It looks to me like a perfect example is being held in the foreground. Some in the background look like they have areas of heavier yellow in the line that could have been a start and stop point with the brush.
  26. Looks like it could be: https://www.google.com/search?q=chocolate+fountain+bellagio&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS768US768&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiiyNqb0LXZAhVU22MKHfqBBcgQsAQIUQ&biw=1175&bih=617#imgrc=_
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