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  2. Thanks rotuts - very informative. After some digging, this is the model they are offering @ $49 - 6-qt. Instant Pot 6-In-14 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Model #: 31427652 Canadian Tire, as mentioned elsewhere, apparently has the DUO for $69 From what I can determine the difference is the 2 pressure modes in the DUO?
  3. I did not see true 7 - in one duo on sale at Walmart this is the one you want ; https://www.target.com/p/instant-pot-7-in-1-pressure-cooker-6-qt-stainless-steel/-/A-50608360#lnk=sametab at Target w their REedCard ( free credit card ) the price drops to $ 80 USD and you get an additional 5 % off purchase w the RC it does a lot of things very easily you mentioned time is not an issue for you it does a number of things better and other methods : pressure steaming. you need to get a 3d party basket PS veg of all kinds keep the flavors in the veg and its also easy and quick PS eggs 18 at a time is also wonderful Soups / stocks very easy and quick the best mashed potatoes ive ever made come from pressure-stewed russets sliced into lg chunks skin on then placed back in the main pan after the 1 cup of water was tossed and mashed. all the components of a CornedBeef dinner Ex meat ( my pref , others think its fine ) are easy and reliable in stock that comes from the SV Cb's which you use as a base + eater for the potatoes , carrots and cabbage. you thicken this broth for a wonderful gravy I don't know if Amazon has the 7 - 1 on sale or other vendors. the 7 - 1 is worth it for sure. its 85 at amazon but as I not a prime member i won't know if they drop it down over the next few days.
  4. I believe WalMart is doing it for $49
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    this was a very nice weekday dinner: piccata from butternut squash with garlic dip
  6. I realize I am very late to the IP party, however; after seeing so many interesting meals on this forum, coupled with Walmart's black Friday sale @ $49, I am feeling tempted to get one. However what prevents me is a voice in my head asking - which I relay to all of you IP gurus - I have various cooking vessels which I am fairly adept with, and more often than not am not in time constraints. I have no experience with pressure cookers or slow cookers (the former I have no experience or knowledge with, the latter I simply use my Le Creuset when the need arises). Curious to hear some thoughts as to the overall benefits/sales points of this unit. It is more so the space it will take up than the investment itself. I just want to make sure I would actually use the sucker.
  7. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    I like all kinds of things mixed into guacamole. (Usually only ONE though, at a time). I’ve made it with peanuts. With pistachios. With pomegranate. With mango. With chicharrons. Now or you have me thinking about adding haggis. Altiough, being English, it’s difficult to pass up the easy joke that Scotch (well, Scottish, i’d probably actually say) Guacamole leaves out the avocado to save money. Groan. I know. But it’s no worse (the same really!) than Welsh Rabbit.
  8. Turns out they're in the Superstore flyer at that price, too, as part of their Black Friday promo.
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  10. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    I had an avocado mishap that forced me to deal with very ripe flesh of one immediately, I squished it into a freezer ziploc bag, forced as much air out as I could, and threw in the freezer immediately. It did not turn brown. However, after defrosting 2 days later, it seemed that it started to oxidize much faster than one freshly cut (I'm thinking the mushed texture contributed to that). Stirred a little lemon juice in to arrest that. It was fine used as blobs on top of a bowl of chili, but I vote for freshly cut for guacamole.
  11. My pizza recipe

    That's what I was thinking. I have a pizza cutter and I hardly ever make pizza. But when I want to cut dough into even strips, I use the pizza cutter and a ruler. In a professional kitchen you would probably have a particular item to do just that, but in the home kitchen I think most people use a lot of gadgets for things other than what they're intended. (I'm thinking about my egg slicer gadget, which does such a good job on mushrooms.)
  12. No over browning on the top? Did you use foil?
  13. Electric Flour Mills

    Yes, among others. But no, as far as I can find, for the homogenizer!
  14. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    Obviously. If memory serves, Nathan and team were trying to speed ripen avocados. Sous vide was successful for ripening some other fruit but avocados were a failure. (I hope I'm not confusing Nathan with Dave Arnold.) Anyhow last night's avocado was not quite ripe enough so it's still sitting on the cutting board.
  15. Yet I drank it for 40+ years without issue. Some friends and family, much, MUCH, longer.
  16. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    French Toast Week continues chez blue_dolphin with another stuffed version....persimmon & chèvre stuffed French toast. Just a touch of sweetness from the toast dope I sprinkled on while it was in the pan. Persimmon slices and pecans on the side. This was OK but to be honest, cooking didn't do anything to highlight my lovely Fuyu persimmon - I think the tender/crisp texture and pretty star-shaped design is a large part of their charm - and it got a bit soft here. I was glad to have the fresh slices alongside. The little peewee size eggs I got at last week's farmers market are perfect to make one slice of French toast so I am taking advantage of them to use up that brioche loaf from the freezer. Two servings left, I think. The crispy fried onion coating was so tasty yesterday, I will surely make another savory version. Not sure what.
  17. No amount of explaining will convince people that this raw milk is a bad idea.
  18. UDDER MILK - a New Jersey company supplying RAW MILK The CDC has issued a HEALTH ALERT! Food Safety News ALL customers who have consumed Raw Milk products need IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE!
  19. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    I don't like mushrooms, but the idea (and the looks) of savory French toast appeals to me. I could see a little drizzle of hollandaise over that. As far as the fruit stuffed French toast goes, I know what you mean about sugar bombs - I love sweets and some of them I've had in restaurants have just been WAY too much. When I do it, I use croissants stuffed with slightly sweetened cream cheese and whatever fruit I want - bananas, roasted pears or peaches, fried apples, etc. That way I control the sweetness.
  20. My pizza recipe

    pizza cutters can be very handy for things other than just pizza.
  21. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Another roadside dinner. A spicy hotpot stock with pork and bean sprouts. Extras of sliced beef and pork meatballs. Rice.
  22. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Simple but satisfying. Penne with tuna, chilli, garlic and ginger.
  23. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    @heidih It's just a matter of laying the thin slices out in a pattern over medium heat in a fry pan. Then I season with garlic powder, smoked paprika and tajin and hit them with freshly grated parmesan to kind of hold the whole thing together. The first flip is the hard part, trying to keep them together, then add the same seasoning to the other side, flip one more time after a few minutes and it's done. HC
  24. I don't need a calendar to know where in the year I am. Right now, it's hotpot season and this shows in this month's leaflet.
  25. My pizza recipe

    Just a quick question. If you do not bake pizza every day (as in professionally), why would you want to buy a pizza cutting wheel-cutter? For a one or two pizza a week baker, surly a standard sharp kitchen knife will suffice! And you save a few $$$. Or is my reasoning all screwed-up!
  26. My pizza recipe

    That's nice - I like this one too.
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