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  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Chicken three nights in a row.
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  4. I've had kumquat marmalade once and thought it was the very best marmalade I'd ever had. I don't know whether it was because of the recipe or the kumquats. As a rule, I'm not a marmalade fan, but this was enough to change my mind. I'll be interested to hear how the pickling goes. It also sounds like a delicious way to use those little fruits!
  5. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Wow, I could take one huge bite out of that! Looks delicious.
  6. Thanks for the link. I was wondering whether there was a Higgs Boson connection somehow. Now, seeing the choices on the menu, I'm reminded of a series of salsa marketed for a while under the brand name "Religious Experience". I don't remember any of the stages except their very hottest. It was titled "The Wrath", and the label was hot pink with lightning bolts. Back to barbecue sauce: I'm with gfweb about sweet sauces; most of them (IMO) are too sweet. I have been known to stand in line for good 'cue, though. It's a mystery to me how some places manage it profoundly well and others end up drying or shredding or undercooking. I'm still trying to get it right myself.
  7. Cooking with Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian India

    Spinach Bhajias (p. 17) I made two errors when making this recipe: first, I added the water too quickly when making the batter so wound up with too much of it. This meant I had to then add more chickpea flour, which made these a bit doughier than they were supposed to be. Second, I used a scoop to form them, which did not leave the edges ragged enough. They are supposed to be rough around the edges, which then get crispy when fried, but mine were too smooth and neat. That said, the taste overall was good, particularly dipped in the tamarind chutney she suggests.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    We picked up some nice bay scallops yesterday, so we had them for dinner tonight on a slightly cheesy polenta topped with some garlicky breadcrumbs. Very tasty, and a really nice combination of textures.
  9. the thin line is what gets caught under one edge of the tape - tape, spray black, wipe half the mold clean, remove tape, spray yellow
  10. I mean no offense. But to me most barbecue is too sweet and overcooked. I do better with sous vide. BBQ is tasty and all, but mostly not worth standing in line for. But then, most things aren't worth standing in line.
  11. http://eat24hrs.com/restaurants/order2/menu.php?id=68508 I'm not a BBQ aficiando, but I would guess Kansas-style BBQ sauce? It was much thicker than their vinegar-based sauce.
  12. That looks a LOT like my mother's meringue cookies. She used Nestle's chocolate chips and walnuts, but they were one of my very favorite Christmas cookies. The combination of hazelnut and chocolate sounds good too.
  13. Thanks - i'll plan on it. They are on a slope and hard to reach but I'll enlist some help
  14. I didn't detect a bark on the pulled pork, the rib tips and brisket had a nice bark. They served it with God sauce, it was excellent, I don't know what to compare it to? Baby Ray's? They also served a white BBQ sauce that reminded me of ranch and a vinegar sauce.
  15. It was incredibly tender, sauce was great, but excuse my ignorance, I think I could've imitated the pulled pork in my crock pot.
  16. @heidih I recently had pickled kumquat. Fantastic accent to a kampachi dish. They were thin slices of what looked to be grape tomato-sized fruit. I would pickle some asap
  17. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Veal piccata with a baked potato. HC
  18. There's something to your idea. But I'd not couch it as a fast way to get eating over with...at least not here. But if you propose a microwaveable premade meal that doesn't suck...so one could eat well at work...and avoid all the crap we usually eat at lunch...that's different and worthwhile.
  19. In flight food re-fueling

    timotb: That's your idea of a revolution? Sign me up for La Resistance!
  20. The Savory Baking Topic

    Wow, that looks intriguing... could you point me towards the name for this or perhaps a recipe ?
  21. I turned my head the other day while picking herbs and this kumquat caught my eye.nI have absolutely no recollection of this guy but I must have helped plant it 40+ years ago. I wanted to do a one batch marmalade and cobbled together some online recipes. They have only had rain water and we've been in a drought with just a bit of rain last spring so fruit is tiny tiny. Almost no pulp/juice so I addded some from the crazy tangerine (up-topic). It came out nicely bitter which I like and not too sweet. A good day
  22. Modernist Focaccia (p. 5•94) The master recipe for Focaccia in MB uses both a liquid levain and a commercial yeast: the Modernist twist also adds soy lecithin and an increased amount of fat to the dough. This results in what is basically a perfect combination of tender, flavorful crumb and crisp crust. Without a doubt the best focaccia I've ever made. I topped mine with green olives in a chile oil, and ate the whole thing well before it had cooled - mandatory, I think.
  23. The Savory Baking Topic

    I baked today an old, traditional savory treat. the making is similar to a brioche, but instead of butter you use minced pork crackling. Wonderful with a glass of wine
  24. Prime Rib Roast

    Love your best friend. The roast is pretty spectacular, too.
  25. I'm intrigued with what Las Vegas style barbecue might be, as well. The pulled pork LOOKS fairly similar to Memphis style. Did it have a nice crust/bark on it? What kind of sauce was served with it?
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