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  2. Yep, I love the steam clean feature. Same as Kay, run it, wipe it out, done.
  3. Thanks for the Crepes

    Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection Oven (Part 3)

    @robirdstx, I cook pot pies marked "do not prepare in toaster oven" frequently in the CSO. I put it on the pan that came with that I've lived with foil. I also fashion a pie shield out of narrow strips of foil so the rim of the crust doesn't get too brown and have to be thrown away. Wish I had lined the pan with foil when I cooked lemon pepper wings the other day. The citric acid in the lemon pepper seems to have left stains I can't get out, but it's a cooking pan, not an objet d'art. I like the steam clean function, but you are going to have to wipe it out afterward, and since it's just water, it doesn't really cut grease, so if I've cooked something like chicken or pork chops I'll wipe off as much grease as I can before starting steam clean as well.
  4. Quite well. I run it, then take the rack out and wipe the interior with a paper towel. Done.
  5. Chef and the Farmer was the one I was thinking of. Didn't know she had the others.
  6. How well does the steam clean feature work?
  7. Today
  8. Yup parchment lined cardboard - there is still a lot of heat in the mass so it continues to rise and stay warm - end of day they turn on the air-conditioning so that it is cool to cut the next morning.
  9. I'd like to know more about the sponge toffee, and how you get it thicker than a cell phone. Is that just a parchment-lined cardboard box? How does the slow cooling work?
  10. Expecting any little robots soon?
  11. MelissaH

    Oreo Cookies

    Are those the ones with pop rocks in them?
  12. heidih

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Shelby Nice set-up for the lettuce wraps. Are those perfect golden cubes tofu? Your method?
  13. blbst36

    North Carolina Restaurants

    It looks like there are three - which one were you referring to? - Chef & the Farmer - Boiler Room - Benny's Big Time
  14. Jim D.

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    If you have a mold with deep enough cavities, you could do a variation on what I have done with these flavors: Put a little caramel in the bottom of each cavity and let it firm up a bit. Then make a pecan gianduja with milk chocolate (you can caramelize the pecans first if you want even more caramel flavor). I haven't tried the following idea, but I plan to do so: Add some molasses powder to the gianduja to provide that brown sugar taste. Pipe a little of the gianduja over the caramel to cover it completely. Then add a thin cookie (I use shortbread) made a bit smaller than the cavity diameter. Pipe in more gianduja to cover the cookie (you can see why these cavities have to be large). This way you get the taste of toasted pecans, brown sugar, caramel--and even the crust (and the cookie stays crisp because it is surrounded by the non-water-based gianduja).
  15. It's not astronomical at all. You can get it for around 10 EUR per kilo. Pretty cheap if you ask me?
  16. Did Amazon Prime day happen?
  17. Westy

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    Im looking for a pecan pie ganache or Carmel to layer with pecan praline for a molded bonbon. Any suggestions?
  18. weinoo

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    But of course! Continuing to focus on some vegetables, since it's the time of the year when why not... A "stir-fry" of asparagus, assorted radishes, king oyster mushrooms, and scallions in a Guilin chili garlic sauce. Served over Charleston Gold rice.
  19. Shelby

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Air conditioning has decided to be a bit uncooperative. That makes Shelby kind of ....bitchy. So, I needed something nice and cool last night. Lettuce wraps and fried rice
  20. Je33

    RIP Chef Jean-Pierre Wybauw

    Thank you for resharing this post Kerry, i loved reading it! So much knowledge! I remember reading about the invert sugar when i first got his book but for the life of me couldn't remeber where I had read it so when i recently questioned someone about boiling it my response of 'I read it in a book ' sounded silly and was dismissed 😂 thank you again for sharing
  21. I got to try this in April as they were launching in the UK, I also happened to be at the Callebaut factory. The process is just as Kerry said that they have selected the red beans and used those. They didn't share the process from bean to chocolate. It's being rolled out in September here in the UK. My best description for the taste was raspberry yoghurt, slightly fruity, creamy with a pleasant acidity. I look forward to playing with it but my guess is the cost is going to be astronomical. I also recently got to try all the Valrhona chocolate and tried a dark chocolate that has been fermented with passion fruit in the initial process and I have to say it was for me incredible! It doesn't contain any passion fruit but tasted so fruity
  22. Well, it's kind of hard when there's no reference I guess? I told the Callebaut rep that many people will probably see it as "their competitors products with fruit flavor". But in the end it's not like the big pile of consumers know about Valrhona's inspiration. I think it's a really tough thing for marketing, but you can easily see that the color is one of those things they're pushing for. I got a pink bottle for water, I got a pink apron and a pink bowl (to prepare my future ruby in I guess). I mean, you do actually see before you taste - so it's nothing weird. I would happily buy some Ruby to play around with if it were available in the regular 2,5 KG bags - but they're pushing for 10 KG packages - and that would last me forever.
  23. ChrisTaylor

    Grilled corn- quick question

    Not exactly relevant for 'first foray into grilling corn', but in re-reading this post I had a flashback: If you've got access to very fresh corn and have a fondness for making, it's worth a shot. To, y'know, replicate something you've maybe never tasted.
  24. JoNorvelleWalker

    Best Hand Mixers

    Dough hooks for a hand mixer??
  25. JoNorvelleWalker

    Your Home Appliances are Junk

    I am a renter and the oven door had to fall off twice before I got a new range.
  26. JoNorvelleWalker

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    After some reflection I went with both. Thanks, @Toliver even though you are a pernicious influence.
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