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  2. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    My anova is not the original model, it is the one that has provision for calibration in firmware. I used to communicate with @Anova Jeff although I've not seen him around for a while. @rotuts has a theory. I'm not using a thermocouple but if you know of any measuring solutions more accurate than what HP or Thermoworks have to offer I'd be interested. Unfortunately however I've blown my thermometer budget for the month. My Thermoworks reads to 0.01F but as I said it is only accurate to 0.06F, except at the calibration points.
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    It was a hot day here. I put up the deer fence around the garden, had to make a few trips to the hardware store to pull it off. I dug a few holes to remove rocks, so the fence posts could go where they needed to be, and chose to have sandwiches for dinner. I so greatly enjoyed the strawberry shortcake we had last night, I chose a repeat performance but added some giant blackberries . It was Deb's suggestion to add crème de menthe to the mix for color, and I just went with the flow. HC
  4. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    @BentleyI use a German brand (don't remember the name by heart), most of the colors are probably not good for you. I also bought from a UK company once, which have like 50 colors or something. Everything just seems to be a mix of "base" colors though. So you could easily come up with your own colors by experimenting a bit. However, since everything is a hobby it's not that important to get the exact same result. But I write down what I do though, to achieve, at least, a very similar result each time. I always use a bit of white color (titanium oxide) to get the colors to be opaque. Maybe 2 grams out of 10. It all depends on how strong I want the colors to be. If I want something that's more pastel, more white.
  5. Crawfish boils

    If there was a crawfish boil that I could attend within many miles if here, I would gladly attend, pineapple or not. I intend to have my own CB in July, expect to pay dearly for the experience, but it will not include pineapple. HC
  6. Crawfish boils

    Being a lover of Viet food I have faith that the Vietnamese can turn something very good into something different but equally good. If enough people like it maybe it will stick and keep evolving. Lots of good sandwiches can be made with a baguette, but the Banh Mi is way up there at the top of the list. One of the most interesting sandwiches I had in NOLA was a Po' boy-Banh Mi crossover. The possibilities are endless, starting with fried oyster banh mi or maybe lemongrass shrimp po' boy. I can't remember exactly what was in the one I had, but sitting outside with a drippy sandwich and an alcoholic coffee drink was a stellar way to watch street musicians in the French Quarter. There are some great Asian soups that combine tomatoes, pineapple and prawns, so who knows, a Vietnamese crawfish boil could be really good. Hawaiian pizza isn't going away, that's for sure.
  7. Today
  8. Looks a little pointy to be hibiscus, and dogwoods have 4 petals (I just googled). I don't assume all flower molds are botanically correct, but since this one has five petals I'll show my WA state pride and go with apple blossom YMMV.
  9. I know this will probably get me kicked off of eG forever but I have been enjoying the Black Box Rose lately.
  10. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    I think it's worth talking to Anova. I had some concerns about the accuracy of my circulator a couple of years ago (it didn't match my thermocouple). The tech guy suggested that I get either a thermometer designed for calibration ($$$) or an ovulation thermometer from the drugstore (cheap). The latter is very accurate and reads to 0.1°F, but only over a one or two degree range right around body temperature, so you can't test linearity. I went with this anyhow. It showed the Anova was within 0.1°, and my other thermometers were off. Anova may have other suggestions now ... this was a while ago, and with their first model.
  11. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    I do not have any such sticky residue problem with my anova. I suggest you reach out to their tech support.
  12. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    "Out of whack" is not the best expression. More like "very close but not quite right." The Thermoworks is rated accurate to plus or minus 0.05C. If so the 55.0C bath is most likely between 55.10C and 55.20C. The supplied certificate of calibration says plus or minus 0.06F, plus instrument resolution. At the 104.00F calibration point the Thermoworks is off 0.03F. At the 158.00F calibration point it is off 0.04F. For fun I also tried the Thermapen MK4 while anovaing my eggs. It read the bath as 55.1C. While my new Thermoworks waterproof with penetration probe read the bath as 54.9-55.0.
  13. Crawfish boils

    It is the beginning of the degradation of crawfish boils. Look at what W. Puck did to pizza.
  14. I always thought it was a dogwood blossom. Now I’m curious and may do some research. @Kerry Beal the pictured turkish delight looks softer than the pieces I tried at the workshop — is your version similar to the texture of commercial turkish delight? Did you flavor it?
  15. Crawfish boils

    I was just talking with my niece who lives in Round Rock about crawfish boils. She commented that in the Austin area something she is seeing added to boils is pineapple. WHAT! She thinks this is because of the number of boils that are being done by Vietnamese members of the community. Is that something you are seeing in your part of the world? I don't want to say that I consider that a crime against the Crawfish Gods, but I don't know. What is showing up in boils in your area that is beyond crawfish, potatos, corn, and garlic? The last boil I went to here they had added shrimp and that is okay in my book. $15 for all you can eat and I can eat some boil. But pineapple? What say you?
  16. I was just about to post this same question, as I'm having the exact same problem. I would like to know how you rectify this.
  17. Well hopefully @chefmd will join us at our 2019 St. Louis workshop and we can encourage her to do even more with chocolates and confections. And I’ll see if I can get her to come over to my place to take care of chocolate decorations.
  18. Somewhat but not much use tbh was like trying to read greek or trying to set the clock on a vcr with the manual so i pulled the chrome and found the mechanism had slipped out of place also had the timer out of wack to so now it works like a charm after i put everything back in place i was trying fix this particular toaster for sentimental reasons that and i always liked looking into the chrome on it
  19. Hi Everyone

    I hope to meet you all eventually right now up to my neck in home repairs and restoration at my new home i just bought
  20. I'm sipping Asian Pear Cordial made by a friend of mine.
  21. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    The Anova's thermocouple should be more accurate than than the one on the Thermoworks. If you have doubts, write to Anova tech support. They generally implore us not to try to calibrate the circulators using home thermometers. If you have reason to believe the thing is really out of whack, they can calibrate it using their lab instruments. If I remember their support article right, it suggested the only really good reason to calibrate to your thermometer is if you mostly care about them agreeing.
  22. Making Fresh Masa

    I've got the Angel AG500 juicer, and as luck would have it, it lends itself very well to making masa. The juicer itself is essentially a 3HP motor, so it has no issues with the torque required. It's nowhere near as fast as the Nixtamatic, but for a home user it's fast enough. I was using a blender, but that necessitated adding liquid to get enough movement going and then balancing that with masa harina. With the juicer it is purely nixtamalised corn and salt. The cleanup does take a while (fresh masa can be sticky!), so I normally do a double batch and then vac seal the masa in convenient portions. Heating the "old" masa in the bag to 40+ degrees and kneading it back into submission will make it easy to reform.
  23. Pimento Cheese

    It could kind of go either way... Alfredo: Pros: same noodles, has Parmesan Cons: Alfredo is served hot, sauce contains butter and water in addition to cheese Pimento Cheese: Pros: both are served cold, mayo + cheese mixture as the base Cons: different cheese, little or no black pepper, not usually served on pasta, no onion or pimento
  24. That's one of my favorites as well. It's like watching Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat throw down the ultimate fatality on an unsuspecting bird. It's one of the very few videos I've found that demonstrates the proper use of a honesuki / garasuki. I must have watched it a 20 times. There are lots of fun Related Videos on YouTube to explore.
  25. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last of the leftover standing rib roast from the Chocolate workshop - quick grind in the thermomix, added to the leftover gravy, some mashed spuds and cottage pie is dinner!
  26. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Chicken tacos. Corn tortillas, homemade green salsa, pan roasted sliced chicken breast in an adobo sauce, avocado cubed and more cilantro with a side of roasted corn n the cob
  27. I have had one absolutely fabulous cocoa butter sent to me by a bean to bar fellow who wanted me to figure out the best temperature to set the EZtemper - it smelled like the richest chocolate ever. Definitely not something you'd want to spread on your skin or you'd be hungry all day!
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