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  2. The Dish Towel

    I discovered this cleaner for stainless...it is pure magic! The mfr. also makes the best glass cleaner. Two times I've put new glass surrounds in bathrooms and the installers (different companies each time) told me to old use the Sprayway products on them (never Windex). I've also used the stainless cleaner on my gas stove top and it came out looking like new even though it's not stainless. Back to Dish Towels now.
  3. Wet spice/curry paste grinders

    I've been lusting after a stone wet grinder for a while now, primarily to make curry pastes....
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Shelby I am liking your meals not your flu!
  5. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I'm just getting over my flu. Monday was day 14. This stuff is no joke. Beautiful chicken! Pork lo mein and sticky wings last night
  6. The Baguette looks lovely. I'd be curious to see the unbaked dough in it's overprooved state; and although your kitchen temps are marginally higher than mine, I can't imagine it would make such a big difference. 26 minutes final proof also doesn't sound long - maybe your yeast is particularly hyper? When I made some small loaves with the French Lean dough, they still took over an hour for final proof (and they were 80g portions).
  7. Made Hamburger Buns for the 3rd time. More I make this the better I feel I can troubleshoot the recipe. This time I didn't use the fan in the oven, this was the minimum time in a 375F oven.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    We're now doing MC meals on weeknights... 72 hour pork shoulder pulled to shreds and mixed with east Texas BBQ. On MB Buns with White Cabbage and Apple slaw. The pork had a sell by date of Friday so the store discounted it 33% So nice cheap meal. We're trying different BBQ sauces each time, right now Memphis is my favorite.
  9. Countertop Rotisseries

    I finally made it into the basement to grab a photograph of my countertop rotisserie. It is a Franklin Chef brand. The bulldog clip is holding the instructions together and I keep them inside the rotisserie when it is not in use.
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  11. I Bought a Tutove--Now What?

    Your wish... "Puff pastry and other layered doughs have their own imported rolling pin that does a masterful job of spreading the chilled butter beneath the dough. It has 3/16-inch grooves running lengthwise on the 4-pound plastic roller and is made by a French firm, Tutove. It is very expensive, but worth it if you are deep into puff pastry. The twenty two rounded ribs separating the grooves push the butter ahead as the pin is rolled. With it there is less wear and tear on both the dough and the butter. The butter always seems to be better behaved under its influence." (weinoo - and who doesn't want to see butter better behaved!)
  12. The Dish Towel

    Just to throw a monkey wrench into this discussion, I've added some microfiber non-dish towels into my towel drawer. With so much stainless steel in our new kitchen, and after reading a bunch of stuff about how best to keep it (somewhat) clean, I purchased a stack of these. They're great - I've used them on the frigde, on the surface of the range, on countertops, etc. Miraculously, they appear to clean with only water - who knew? So they've earned a place alongside my tea towels (ok, I don't have any of those), dish towels, hand towels, and all other towels located in my kitchen towel drawer. What's nice is that they come in a variety of colors, so they're easily distinguishable from the real dish towels, and quick to grab. They do, however, suffer from shrinkage, when drying in the clothes dryer....
  13. And, in my opinion, there's nothing better for that particular task on an investment vs. result basis.
  14. Flour

    Hi Dan, sorry for not replying sooner. I use the NAVARRE brand flour from Lidl. It's half the price of the premium brands in other supermarkets here, and is just as good; it's 'Type 45', which has the correct amount of gluten in it for doing patisserie. I buy most of my ingredients in Lidl, in fact. They're cheaper than other supermarkets and, frankly, I love that they have one type of (good) flour, one brand of sugar and so on - I'm not confronted with 20 kinds of flour/sugar when all I want to do is bake some madeleines! Their butter is good too.
  15. The Dish Towel

    And would your world fall apart if you dried your clean hands on any one of them? My germophobe relative believes it might. But I have yet to figure out how to dry dishes with a towel while avoiding any hand contact with the same towel.
  16. Wet spice/curry paste grinders

    Well, now I am in possession of a Premier grinder. Nothing wrong with my Waring, mind you, but they are different animals. I still seek the elusive pistachio paste which so far has been unobtanium. Nut butter in the Waring has been passible. But not the stuff of dreams. Furthermore I am now into Georgian cookery which calls for walnut paste with every meal. Indeed walnut paste was envisioned for tonight, but it turns out the Premier grinder requires breaking in to remove stone dust. Who knew? Several cups of peanut oil later and quite a messy clean up, I am now prepared. I think. The Warring jars go in the dishwasher. None of the Premier parts go in the dishwasher. Nothing like washing big heavy oily rocks by hand.
  17. Query about lamb stew meat

    I'm sorry. I don't know how they prepare it. I only know how I buy it. With skin, but without wool. And not only in China. I've seen/bought the same in the middle east and Mongolia.
  18. Fast Food Localisation

    Went past a local McDonald's today and spotted this. I'm no expert on their 'products', but I guess this isn't served globally. These are their breakfast offerings. Left to right: Pickled vegetable, bamboo shoot and chicken congee. (酸菜脆笋鸡肉粥) Century egg and chicken congee. (皮蛋鸡肉粥) and Salted egg yolk and chicken congee.(咸蛋黄鸡丝粥). I have no idea who the three "chefs" in the picture are, but I'd bet heavy money that they don't work for McDonald's.
  19. Love the Mexican hot sauce bottle on the table
  20. Pistachio Paste

    Now that the Premier is proudly situated on my kitchen workbench (why, oh why did I not get the little one??) it appears pistachio a la minute is not about to happen. If one grinds up a batch of paste how long does it stay good? Should the paste be refrigerated? And if anyone is wondering the Zojirushi bread machine is now buried in the bedroom.
  21. Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    I don't know, everyone looks sexier eating from a pink plastic bedpan, don't you think?
  22. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That looks gooood. I wasn't familiar with Raos until I read about it on this forum. I tried the Arrabiatta and was hooked. As it happened, the store where we bought it was running a promotion with the Arrabiatta at half price. We are now fully stocked until possibly into 2019.
  23. Dinner tonight at Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine Earth tea for me - lemon grass, ginger and honey. \ Various versions of sticky rice. Pork belly Peanut sauce. Soup for 4 Crab fried rice with bone broth. Short rib panang with broccolini and blue rice.
  24. Seen at FFS - what the hell does it mean? Really? Lovely collections of Japanese knives. @Chocolot making a smore.
  25. Only if you are a melon.
  26. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    ^^ that looks delicious!
  27. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Sautéed kale with onions, garlic, and white wine -super tender pork meatballs with rolled oats and flax seed as binder- rotini all topped with Raos Arrabiatta sauce
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