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  2. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    I doubt that. As stated by @liuzhou and me above: the bird is cooked as a whole, with skin intact. Marinating or treating the surface with any tenderising agent does not apply - it is purely a matter of cooking and cooling that creates the texture ...
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I hereby bequeath you my share of all the green bell peppers in the world. And about three-quarters of my share of the red and yellow ones. I WILL use a few of those, when pushed.
  4. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    They use a tenderizing powder like papain or bromelain or something similar that i am not aware of. Sure velveting will give it a silky texture but its not going to make the inside of the meat very very soft. My guess is there is a technique to using these tenderizing powders, because ive tried using them and they do work, but always left a noticeable taste. I want to point out before someone suggests quickly cooking hot and fast producing very soft meat, sure. But, have you ever had leftovers and reheated them in the microware? I have, ive even nuked them to the moon and back and guess what? Still very very soft meat! Whats up with that?
  5. I'm in Raleigh! Welcome
  6. Breakfast! 2018

    Forced myself to fry up some of the beef scrapple that, frankly I'm not that fond of, but am determined to use up. Had it with poached eggs and a little experiment of cold sliced polenta that I breaded and fried like I do zucchini. Very good! HC
  7. Kaiseki Cooking

    Hey everyone, I posted this in the Japan forum but I wanted to see if I could get more eyes on it. I want to start bringing the influences of Japan and Kaiseki into my cooking and had some quick questions. Is Kaiseki Exquisite Cuisine - https://www.amazon.com/Kaiseki-Exquisite-Cuisine-Kikunoi-Restaurant/dp/1568364423/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516114264&sr=8-1&keywords=kaiseki - still the best book on Kaiseki cooking? I know it is a restaurant cookbook, but looks like it also gives the general basis for Kaiseki cooking and what exactly Kaiseki cooking is a modern sense. Has anyone apart from Jo read the Japanese Culinary Academy books? Volume 1 and 2 interest me the most, starting with volume 1. I know Volume 1 touches on Kaiseki as well. Thank you!
  8. Breakfast! 2018

    I would eat that for breakfast in a heartbeat. I better not show that to Moe. Baked Cinnamon buns last night. Served early this morning in bed with a cappuccino.
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  10. Making Limoncello

    I hope I didn't make too big a mistake with my Orangecello; I removed the half vanilla bean and, because I didn't check the recipe carefully enough I went ahead and drained the liquid and tossed the orange peels. The recipe actually said to remove the bean and continue to steep the peels for another day or two. Oops. Had no option other than to plunge ahead so I added a cup of simple syrup to the mix and it's now in the fridge. (I did take a taste of the mix after removing the bean but it was very harsh.) I'll take another taste today to see what it's like now that it's finished and chilled.
  11. looking foreword to this. thanks in advance.
  12. I decided I wanted to make Ciabatta, and I was impatient so I made the direct ciabatta.... and then I said sure lets make the full 1kg at a time... Proofing took forever, and it overflowed my container - making quite the mess. Anyway it worked and it's tasty, but it made me swore never again to make 1kg "loaf" of ciabatta at once again.
  13. @Chris Hennes that Babka is impressive ! finest one Ive ever seen. congratulations !
  14. Gochujang

    For anyone who has purchased Gochujang from Wegmans you have ME personally to thank. My area has a great deal of Koreans and Korean Baptist churches and I told them its something that they should carry. They did. I have gotten 20 companies Wegmans contracts. Yay me.
  15. Gochujang

    I have been quite happy with this one that I get from Amazonsmile. Another use I just remembered is kimchi fried rice. HC
  16. Gochujang

    For Canadians who live in areas without Asian stores, Superstore now carries a house brand of gochujang. I don't know if it's good, it wasn't available on the day I was supposed to use it for an in-store cooking class.
  17. Fruit

    The eGullet expert on bananas is Panaderia Canadiensis. You could try sending a message to her to catch her attention.
  18. Gochujang

    This is the one I use. I don't know how it ranks with the others. I buy it at a Korean store.
  19. Wow @Chris Hennes your stuff looks amazing - all your practice is certainly paying off!
  20. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    DIY lunch at the meat market. Sirloin and chuck flap tail. Half way through now. Couldn't take anymore garlic unless I could grill it. Nice soya bean and tofu soup with "brisket point" (see menu above). I'm a slow eater. Everyone is long gone.
  21. Bensdorp Cocoa

    The cocoa that I've been using for brownies, pudding, and hot chocolate is, to my dismay, no longer available. This has put me on a quest to find a replacement, and one that looks to be ideal for these needs is Bensdorp, sold by King Arthur, which has a 22% - 24% fat content. Considering the high(er) fat content, would this cocoa powder need to be refrigerated for storage of five or six months? Or would refrigerated storage be a bad idea? If not a good idea, why not? Thanks! ... Shel
  22. The Dish Towel

    No, not necessarily any downside. But in my case, there is a storage space issue. Our apartment would probably not contain all of @andiesenji's towels . And our beach house...oh right, it's non-existent.
  23. Countertop Rotisseries

    I would think there are splatters from any rotisserie. I mean, there are splatters when cooking a whole chicken in the oven, not on a rotisserie.
  24. Fruit

    Well, given that bananas are native to S.E. Asia (which, to me, includes where I live In China), I'm a lot more surprised they showed up in Mexico! We get many varieties here. Once they are in season. I'll try to post em. But thanks for the "sprouts" name.
  25. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last night was a spinach salad, raw and a one pot macaroni and beef. I always try to make a single serving of this with a four ounce frozen ground chuck burger and a half cup of elbows rounded out by some white onion, a little pepper, this time it was green bell (please look away @rotutsand other bell pepper haters ) and a 14.5 oz can of whole tomatoes. It always ends up being two servings, so the other one is in the freezer, and that's fine, because this is a dish that stores and reheats very well. I used a very fragrant and delicious Turkish oregano from Penzy's in the dish. I'm picky about my oregano, and don't like Mexican that much at all. This Turkish version, I can get along very fine with, though. Tonight's dinner was inspired by @spaghetttti's post in the Breakfast thread. She made some nice biscuits, but regretted not having sausage gravy to go with. I haven't made sausage gravy with fluffy biscuits for years and decided to correct that ASAP, and that happened here tonight. Canned peaches from a big can I opened to go with cottage cheese the other day for dessert.
  26. Fruit

    I think I may have seen the bananas at a local grocery store called Sprouts. I believe they might be 'burro bananas'. Apparently they are mostly grown in Mexico. I have no idea how or why they showed up in China.
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