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  2. Lovely. I dated an Argentinian for a while, and he always contended he'd take me to BA. Guess I should've stuck it out with him until he had a chance to do so.
  3. Intriguing. Cause Ruhlman sure hasn't posted anything about a Black Friday sale.
  4. This - really this - I wanted to find the recipe for English Muffins because I know it's in there - easy to find in Vol 5 but no index in the Kitchen Manual makes me very sad.
  5. Love the greenhouse. Would love to have one. I'm thinking of a small version, more like an oversized cold frame, to go on the east side of my house (as there is no room on the south side; my very narrow lot runs E-W). Or I may just put together a big cold frame that I can assemble/disassemble within the garden itself. Should be able to just build the panels and rig some sort of hooks to fasten them together, then anchor it to the fence, yes?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I set out the egg and lame sitting out to remind me We even have buttermilk and powdered sugar for the icing.
  8. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I have not tried it with challah, but I have had success making bread/rolls to the baking stage and then par-baking; baking it until it's formed, risen and crusted over a bit, but not fully done inside. Then you can finish it up with 10-15 minutes the next day right before dinner.
  9. Don’t forget your egg wash and don’t forget to slash! Just saying. We need to have each other‘s back‘s.
  10. Pistachio Paste

    I just talked to Dana at Fiddyment Farms. She said the only difference is in the amount of refinement. The butter is grainier and thicker than the paste, which is smooth. Flavor is the same, texture is not.
  11. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I have stuck to my no knead 5 minute knead - not even Dutch oven, just parchment on sheet pan at 440 convection. I always toast except for first few slices -currently smeared with liverwurst -all good
  12. I managed to roll it out to more then a foot, Forgot to take a picture, but here is what it looks like - covered with ants! (ants on a log anyone?) Now it's all rolled up tight in the pan - currently proofing in the steam oven
  13. Butter substitutes

    Great. Thanks!
  14. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Cornbread croutons work well with chili, too (turkey or otherwise). Yum.
  15. Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs "The Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning Recipes from Exceptional Home Cooks" Kindle Edition $.99US "Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City" Kindle Edition $1.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  16. Pretty much nailed the swirl but now I have a tunnel. And it isn’t going to take me to Paris. I can tell just from pressing on the second loaf that it’s suffers from the same tunneling issue. I am absolutely not going to make it again for a few days at least but if anyone wants to chime in and offer some solutions for my new problem or at least my worsening problem of tunneling I will be happy to follow your suggestions when I’m over my sabbatical from this bread. Ain’t that a magnificent scroll?
  17. IMHO if you can taste the cocoa butter or the colourant, there's something wrong.
  18. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Last year I started almost a week late but made a batch of cookies every day of December through the 24th. Baked enough off for us to enjoy that day and froze the rest. When I needed cookies to give away I would bake up an assortment fresh. Then at the end of the month I still had enough that our spread had about 15 kinds on it. I felt awesome. I plan to do it again, starting on the 1st this year. Will pop back in here to post the list when I've got it sorted out.
  19. Does colored cocoa butter go bad/rancid?

    I know this is an old thread but I've got some similar queries! Has anyone else had issues with being able to taste coloured cocoa butters on moulded chocolates? The look is brilliant and they come out of the mould well, but if I try and get full coverage (E.g. backing with white etc.) there is a definite smell and taste of the paint. Currently using Decorelief colours, could it be the brand?
  20. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

  21. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    That toasty bread does look awfully good, @Anna N! Steak sandwich Toasty warm roll (take & bake panini roll from Trader Joe's) spread lightly with a mix of horseradish & mayo, mix of baby kale, Swiss chard & spinach sautéed with garlic, thinly sliced and re-warmed ribeye steak, fresh cremini & dried porcini mushrooms sautéed as per Diana Henry's Boozy Mushrooms on Toast - finished with a splash of sherry - all topped with a sprinkle of crispy fried onions (from a can ). Fresh tomato wedges.
  22. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I was given two of these little honey nut squash and some tomatoes. I roasted the squash and then brushed it with miso and butter. Tomatoes I roasted with some garlic, some herbes de Provence and some parmesan cheese. I smeared the tomatoes on some bread. (And largely ruined the whole thing by drinking one of the beers that the (adult) kids keep in my fridge.)
  23. I did. And I covered it with plastic and a dish towel in five minute increments to let it relax so I could roll it out some more. It’s a very springy dough.
  24. Another batch at home today - again in the CSO - 425 bread mode - a bit of foil for the last 5 min / then flipped over and did 5 min convection to brown the bottom. Pizza stone not good if not preheated! Need a chunk of metal for the home CSO. what's left 20 min out of the oven!
  25. Will be very happy to see the team drop in here from time to time and address some of our questions. Mind you we seem to have a fair bit of expertise already here!
  26. As I expected - it's much nicer after 30 min rest. It's a very nice dough - Did you use a rolling pin to get it rolled out as long as you did?
  27. A big factor might be how irritating you find an australian accent I just a quick count, there's 18 videos for what I would consider bonbons, including moulded and enrobed chocolates and truffles
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