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  2. Tried a new to me method for roast beast: Eye of round seasoned and sauteed on all sides in the Instant Pot. Add 1/2 cup of water, Manual high pressure for 4 minutes. Leave for one hour. Turned out a lovely medium rare. Made gravy in the Instant Pot for the Man. Spuds were 25 min manual high for whole potatoes. Green beans sauteed in butter and garlic.
  3. Yet another reason to like the Instant Pot: the liner pot can be used as a sous vide vessel for small packages, without needing a hot pad.
  4. Well, if DOE and the folks who've measured the actual efficiency change their minds, I'm all ears. Not in my experience. Luddites come in critical and unthinking flavors. But considering the huge ## of circulators going into the mass market/wired set right now, I wouldn't bet on a high % of them being "well-schooled". $600 in bookshelf candy (and a tub of meat glue) does not make a cook "Modernist". Thing is, if it's subjected to any external heat at all after it towels off from the bath (assuming it was bathed to equilibrium in the first place), it's got a gradient and isn't completely "consistent". We can quibble over how to best minimize that gradient, but it's there, guaranteed. Whether it's finished under the SV Everything guys' flamethrower or in a Bessemer oven. Oh, please. 'Luddite' is what, a laudatory term? In all honesty, there are plenty of fanboys (and -girls and -fluid) who buy these sub-$100 things simply because it's fashionable or believed to be a shortcut to becoming an accomplished cook. To pretend otherwise is indeed foolish. I really don't have a dog in this fight. If SV--or Sue Veed--improves my cooking, I'm all for it. But it better make sense, and be a qualitative improvement. Otherwise it's just fashion, gear worship and funiculation. What I'm finding is that the avenue of improvement is a lot narrower than the hype. If this is unsurprising to some, shame on me. Where do you (and everyone else) consider that SV gives you the most bang for the buck? Please don't say green vegetables... Thanks.
  5. Brilliant. Congratulations. Edited to add: Now I can go to bed!
  6. Ice cream for dinner. I am an adult and can do it! And you can park your dog at the entrance. Goat cheese dulce de leche and passion fruit for me, coconut and pistachio for DH.
  7. I was following this advice from Eater: You might want to ignore your Spanish dictionary when figuring out meat temperatures because the translations won’t help you in Argentina. Surprisingly, the majority of local palates prefer well-done meat, so if you like your steak rare, ask for it bien jugoso, or vuelta y vuelta for blue. If you tend to order steak medium or medium-rare, request it jugoso. Apunto steaks are usually medium-well, while saying “cocido” will get you a dry, burnt piece of sadness. And tourist traps create fun stories! A bottle of Malbec made life better.
  8. It's NEARLY cool - couldn't resist - I have to be up stupid early for work (like 4am) so it's time! And look - no big tunnel to France. Just a small one - my wife says ATK solves this by doing a braid and cutting it in half. And frosted - My wife didn't want to pipe the frosting on - so it's like a giant cinnamon roll.
  9. Food art at MALBA museum.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes tourist traps are unavoidable. Is the Argentinean definition of rare/medium etc similar to that in the US?
  11. We had sweet breads, assorted sausages, rib eye. I ordered rib eye bien jugoso, supposedly rare. It was medium at best and not rested. Food was rather average. Walked right into tourist trap!
  12. It rained all morning and afternoon. We took an uber to Don Julio for lunch. This restaurant is recommended by Eater, guide books. It also ranks highly on 50 best Latin America restaurants. There was a line when we got there. Free sparkling wine at the entrance. The wait for inside table was hour and a half. We opted for an immediate seating outside. They have rather sharp steak knives with the logo and cowhide for placemats.
  13. Well I am way beyond done with this stupid weather - we've managed 68 to 71 for a week with overnight low in high 50's BUT predicted 88 byThanksgiving. So so erratic the plants can't adjust. GGRRR!!! I've pretty much given up and only have some herbs and radishes (for the greens) - if we should have any rain I will forage mallow and dandelions -some mallow chubbing on the drainage water from the one pot
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh yes Annna =miso plays so well wth winter squash!
  15. Today
  16. My wife suggested we have BBQ pork shoulder for dinner on Wednesday when her brother comes to town for Thanksgiving... awesome, another excuse to bake! Tonight I'm making the Modernist Hamburger Buns. I've made the recipe from Modernist Cuisine several times with excellent success, and this one is only slightly different (they omit the lemon oil and vanilla, and use bread flour instead of a soft wheat flour). Here's the dough after mixing to medium gluten formation (it only gets one fold after this, so except for needing a biga it's quite fast to make):
  17. I don’t know and that’s the truth. I just carry on with my life and every once in a while go over and check it. I’m guessing somewhere around two hours. Now I’m becoming anxious for you!
  18. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Smoked turkey consommé Turkey Rillettes Cauliflower Polonaise Turkey Leg Ballotine with chestnuts, Brussels sprouts and cranberries. Pan Coudon (bread with candied quince inside) Glazed root vegetables with dried cranberries, sourdough, walnuts and vinegar
  19. My experience has been different from what keychris says. I can always taste colored cocoa butter, even from a brand-new bottle. And especially white (with titanium dioxide) has a strong odor. There is a thread on The Chocolate Life about this topic (started by someone other than me). I mentioned this issue to the owner of Chocotransfersheets, and he was going to send me a sample of his white to see if it was different. I never got that but recently ordered a bottle to check it out. I don't think there is any way around the titanium dioxide to create white. All that being said, however, I can also taste plain cocoa butter and am not fond of its aroma. To check what I just wrote, I went to my supply and opened a brand-new bottle of Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter. There is definitely an odor--mostly cocoa butter, but more than that.
  20. Smells good! Now I have to wait - how long Anna?
  21. Butter substitutes

    Alice Medrich has a book called Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts that has a lemon curd recipe with no fat at all (except the egg yolk), no butter and no oil. I always mean to try it (I'm a big fan of Alice Medrich), but whenever I make lemon curd Sherry Yard's recipe always wins. Anyway, the recipe can be found here: http://bakingbites.com/2008/04/low-fat-lemon-curd/ except that the original recipe says "beat the egg until light," whereas the link says to "lightly beat the egg." Huge difference. Go with Medrich. Now that I look at it, I see the link completely changes the method, although the ingredients are the same. Here's a paraphrase of what Medrich says: -Combine zest, juice, sugar in small pan, bring to a simmer. In small bowl beat egg until light. -Beat some hot lemon mixture into the egg, then add egg mixture back to the saucepan. -Cook, stirring constantly, until it just starts to simmer at the edges. Stir & cook 15 seconds, strain into a bowl, add vanilla, cool.
  22. Lovely. I dated an Argentinian for a while, and he always contended he'd take me to BA. Guess I should've stuck it out with him until he had a chance to do so.
  23. Intriguing. Cause Ruhlman sure hasn't posted anything about a Black Friday sale.
  24. This - really this - I wanted to find the recipe for English Muffins because I know it's in there - easy to find in Vol 5 but no index in the Kitchen Manual makes me very sad.
  25. Love the greenhouse. Would love to have one. I'm thinking of a small version, more like an oversized cold frame, to go on the east side of my house (as there is no room on the south side; my very narrow lot runs E-W). Or I may just put together a big cold frame that I can assemble/disassemble within the garden itself. Should be able to just build the panels and rig some sort of hooks to fasten them together, then anchor it to the fence, yes?
  26. Yesterday
  27. I set out the egg and lame sitting out to remind me We even have buttermilk and powdered sugar for the icing.
  28. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I have not tried it with challah, but I have had success making bread/rolls to the baking stage and then par-baking; baking it until it's formed, risen and crusted over a bit, but not fully done inside. Then you can finish it up with 10-15 minutes the next day right before dinner.
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