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  2. ProfessionalHobbit

    Favorite balsamic vinegars

    We managed to score a bottle. Well worth the expense and wait - a teaspoonful of complexity is the best way to describe the taste. Sweet-sharp with notes of oak, black pepper and vanilla. It lingers on your tongue for a few hours.
  3. About that liquor supply.....drink as much as possible until you leave. Use up the bottles with the lowest level. Well, duh. Then set aside a good drinking whiskey. Dump everything but the good sipping stuff together into a gallon jug. Pack that up to take home. Then put the whiskey bottle in the wheel well or between the two of you for the drive back.
  4. I just bend at the waist. The back suffers the first trip or two of the season and then gets used to it. It was more Ann's thing with her sister though, I didn't go often. Except one year when they were exceptionally abundant in an area we knew about that nobody else seemed to want to mess with because it was rugged terrain to drive back to where they were. I went out with her quite a bit that year because she took on more orders than she was going to be able to fill just going out with her sister. Figured if she was working that hard to make the money it wouldn't kill me to help out when I could.
  5. Jim D.

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I was inspired to look it up, and here is an explanation. I checked my order, and I got the "classic culinary" grade, as opposed to the "premium culinary" grade. So I paid $9.95 as opposed to $29.95 for the good stuff. I should have known "classic" is now a derogatory term.
  6. Smithy

    Salt & sous vide

    I think @rotuts has commented on the time and the "cured" taste and texture. Maybe he'll chime in after he checks his copious notes.
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  8. gfron1

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I have no idea. My guess is the grind fineness, but really...don't know.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Do run it through it's paces so you'll know that it's not defective. Don't worry about getting it dirty. I have done so and learned that it can be cleaned. It's been over a month and mine is still looking sharp but I won't hesitate to cook anything in it again!
  11. blue_dolphin

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    A @HungryChris-inspired sandwich, adapted for the smaller appetite. Trader Joe's half-baked panini roll, melted sharp cheddar on the bottom, Black Forest ham, pickled zucchini, tomato, mustard & mayo.
  12. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    He suggested avoiding 'hard mixing' of green and red as it results in muddy colours.
  13. Last time I had a wild blueberry was on a canoe trip in Quebec when I was in my early twenties. Just remember seeing the little worm escaping out of the last half of berries in my bowl.😲
  14. It's getting on my knees - actually it's getting back up after getting on my knees!
  15. Let's hope the books sell better than the food photography. I was literally the only non-employee in the NOLA store/gallery all the times I stopped in there.
  16. I don't find blueberries particularly difficult to pick other than it taking a lot of berries to fill a pail... it's dealing with being the main course for every bug within 100 km of where I'm picking that drives me out of the blueberry patch.
  17. I think gooseberries are about as bad to pick as blueberries..all those prickly spikes to get around.
  18. My FIL uses "Dead Soldier" and now we also do.
  19. Go for it Kim! try some roast potatoes. That won’t mess it up too much. Funny you should mention it. My SIL was just here and remarked ‘how do you keep your oven so clean.?” They have one also but I’ve seen their regular oven and know why their little oven isn’t shiny 🤔
  20. In the bad old days my Mom would have used the term 'dead Indian' for the 'finished' bottle'. No offense intended.
  21. Okanagancook

    Shrimp and Grits

    Just looked at my invoice. i received a total of 188 oz of grits, peas, rice. total cost $98.85 us $ with shipping total cost $152.85 us$ pricey, yes..you could wait until the Cdn $ goes back up....Lordie, that could take awhile😩 worth it? Probably not for the rice. I have not tucked into the rest of it. The rice is totally different from anything we have tasted. I really like it, DH says he likes it but not as much as me. It is small grain and nutty and when cooked as per their directions every grain is separate. I would say, if you are ordering some grits get a bag of rice and see what you think. I wanted to make up a 10 lb box for the shipping which is why I got six pkg. I am a lot further away from them than you are. so, depends how flush you are feeling!
  22. Sorry I can't join Anna for drinks tonight -- no cream in the house. Congratulations on another finished bottle.
  23. So, I've got my CSO all set up where the old toaster oven was. It clears the upper cabinet by 8-inches and you can get the water thing out without moving the CSO. But, I'm never using it! It is so amazingly clean and shiny! I'm really going to hate getting it dirty the first time. But I have to try it out soon so that we can get the box out of the living room!
  24. curls

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Interesting, I did not know about culinary matcha. I've always used drinking matcha for tea and pastries. What is the difference between the two?
  25. Kim Shook

    Hello folks!

    Welcome, deewelch! Tell us a little bit about you and your food interests.
  26. When I was in my teens I worked at whatever summer jobs I could get. This included picking strawberries, beans, and in the fall, apples , hoeing tobacco plants in the fields and working the tobacco harvest. I started when I was 13. I did not lack a work ethic. One summer I decided to fit in a couple of days of picking raspberries. I lasted the morning. The raspberry place was about 2 1/2 miles from my house and I walked there and back. Even I could see it just wasn't worth the effort for what I was getting paid. I figure it must take 4 or 5 wild blueberries, volume wise to equal 1 raspberry. No wonder they charge what they do. I don't begrudge them a penny.
  27. haresfur

    Cold Brew

    Yeah, I don't know where my coffee man came up with it. You use the mineral water to dilute the coffee concentrate.
  28. Those are frowned upon by the local pickers here. It adds a lot of debris to the berries and, I'm told, if not used properly, can damage or pull up the plants. Unless they're picking out the leaves, green berries and assorted other detritus before selling them, that job falls to the buyer. At that price, I better not have to do anything except eat them. Most pickers here hand pick and it's very rare to find anything in the pail other than nice ripe berries. Takes longer to hand pick but you don't have to pick through them before selling or using so it ends up pretty even time-wise in the end.
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