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  2. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    Very much so. In that evaluating taste requires more scientific rigor than most other senses. Scientific methods are designed to eliminate the influence of bias. Bias (expectations, associations, moods, habits) play a huge role in taste. Scientific methods also work against experimental bias (biases toward one result or another that are inadvertently built into the experiment), unrelated variables, and chance. It's not so uncommon today, when one chef says to another "X method tastes better than Y method," to ask, "did you do a blind triangle test?" 10 years ago no one would have known what that meant. Soon it's going to be Triangle-Or-It-Didn't-Happen.
  3. Thank you, @chromedome and @Anna N. I'll be on the hunt for some today. The one I would really like to find is the 21 grain thin sliced.
  4. Do the nurses and others in your department fight with each other to get their shifts alongside you?
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  6. Question about dried bean varieties

    I've been cooking a fair bit from Nopalito which uses RG's Midnight black beans or Santa Maria Pinquitos as go-to side dishes and I've been enjoying both of them in that way, though Eye of the Goat is one of my favorites to serve as a side. If you choose one you like, I don't think you can go wrong!
  7. Breakfast! 2018

    Found some peppers languishing in my crisper drawer so fried them up with an onion, livened them up with some Aleppo pepper and then turned them into breakfast with the addition of scrambled duck eggs.
  8. @dcarch nice what's your full Rx for those Puppies ? pls consider posting in the SV topic ? love the idea of a CharSear for pulled pork p SV
  9. Or, here I used a small blower, ready to cook in a few seconds. A hair dryer will work well also. dcarch
  10. Camping, Princess Style

    I've seen it at Superstore, here in Atlantic Canada, so you might be surprised.
  11. Not too late for your color choices! Let me know which glazes you’d like for all 5 - it will probably be a week or more before the final round is ready for glazing. If you wanted either of the surface textures you’re likely out of luck this go around - those have to be done right after the trimming stage, so unless the ones I did yesterday are still damp enough when I get back to the studio Tuesday night I won’t be able to do anything more to them, texture-wise. I don’t think there is enough time at this point for me to throw any more and have them finished by the time the workshop rolls around.
  12. How practical is stir frying with charcoal?

    Like Martin says - until it dies out. Keep in mind there is a preheat time which may be as much as an hour.
  13. Indeed. But they confirm my own biases.
  14. Hi, everyone! I went to the 6th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn today with my girlfriend. It was a way different experience from the Fancy Food Show I had attended in San Francisco in January. The Fancy Food Show is an industry event to which the general public are pretty much excluded and people are looking to do a lot of wholesale business. The Hot Sauce Expo, which will continue in my absence tomorrow (technically later today, Sunday), is a public event that requires only $12 and change for tickets (and I believe $10 if paid in cash at the venue). It's also specifically devoted to hot sauce (some alcoholic drinks, milk and bottled water are also available, as are barbecue, hot dogs and a couple of other food items, but they are sidelines), and loud though not ear-splitting heavy metal music plays from the "Stage of Doom" for most of the day. More importantly, for my purposes, there was one absolutely phenomenal vendor, at least one other terrific one and several very good ones, among the larger number of ordinary ones and a few downright bad ones (if you're going on the last day, please trust me and do not try the crab salsa!). The mix of vendors was quite interesting, with a good representation from New York and nearby states from Massachusetts to New Jersey, others from the South (one great one is from Florida and was in the far side of the room) and West and some international ones from Australia (who had a good gingery sauce) and England. My girlfriend also enjoyed the expo as a retail customer who tried most of the same sauces I tried and a few others and bought 3 sauces. I'm still writing up my notes about the vendors, but definitely plan to use some products from some of the best ones who exhibited today. At the end of the show, both of us had some beer from Lagunitas, one of the exhibitors, and a blessedly non-spicy Polish meal at a food store with tables called Polka Dot (my girlfriend also bought several items to go for her 2nd-generation Polish-American mother) and then walked down to Williamsburg to have some good hot chocolate and chamomile tea at Martha's Country Bakery. I plan to lay off the spice tomorrow, too, but it was certainly a good afternoon and a very worthwhile trip to the expo.
  15. How practical is stir frying with charcoal?

    Until it dies out. You can't get something from nothing. Fire it up, and see what works best for you.
  16. Question about dried bean varieties

    I like the Moros and both of the black beans. For a simple, peasant type dish, IMO Ayocote Morado is good -it has a thicker skin and just seems more old fashioned to me.
  17. Pizza Tour of Italy

    I'd like to visit Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo. On a much more pedestrian note, I am fascinated by variations on pizza fritta which is apparently common street food in several places. If I had funding, I'd open a friggitoria and serve pizza fritta, salads and fried sides.
  18. But can the charcoal be reused repeatedly? e.g. 1. Light charcoal 2. Stir fry for 2 minutes 3. Extinguish 4. Repeat every day with same charcoal?
  19. Question about dried bean varieties

    Oops, apparently I was not clear. I am not looking for recipe suggestions. I am looking for Rancho Gordo bean variety suggestions for a simple pot of well flavored Mexican style beans.
  20. Question about dried bean varieties

    I've had it from the library but I do not own a copy. Many of the ingredients were a bit too exotic for me.
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I spent one summer working at a fish market and learned so much about how to spot truly fresh fish, I should have been paying them for the experience. As soon as I saw this cod yesterday, I knew It would be fish and chips at the HC table last night, and it was just about perfect! HC
  22. pretty sure that other reputable sources have weighed in that cooking SV from frozen is just as good (whether that's Food Lab or Chefsteps or individual chefs) and it's what I've found. those 'SV Everything' guys say a lot of things that many others disagree with.
  23. Question about dried bean varieties

    Do you have Diana Kennedy's Oaxaca al Gusto? Beans every which way. https://utpress.utexas.edu/books/kenoax
  24. Question about dried bean varieties

    I still have pounds and pounds of Rancho Gordo that aren't getting any younger. Tomorrow has to be beans. Any suggestions? When daylight comes I may post my inventory. What I want is a simple batch of beans to accompany a Mexican meal.
  25. The Food Photography Topic

    I am also of that persuasion. Almost all of my food pictures need white balancing and a little lightening, done in camera raw. Then my final steps are converting to 720 pixels width, unsharp masking, converting to sRGB, changing mode to 8-bits per channel, and saving the file as .png -- admittedly I should automate those things.
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