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  2. Google.does not give information. It merely indexes other web sites which may or may not give useful, accurate information. What site were you referred to that gave you this information?
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I took another shot at pizza, this time aiming for a thin crust. This was, by far, the best one in the new oven. The next morning, we had the last 2 pieces for breakfast, the clear sign of a winning effort. Peppers from the garden (green bells, for those who care) loads of mozzarella and fresh basil, pepperoni, plenty of garlic and some leftover sauce, Deb made for her grandson. HC
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  5. The one which was linked to by @lindag.
  6. And you do a fine job. So fine in fact I am thinking of having you appointed Chief Instigator.
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Chicken noodle soup with bok choy. Home made. Not Knorr.
  8. Melting lardo

    Explain how you'd melt lardo over an uni crostini "between two silpats"?
  9. Tips, hints and interesting things

    Just cos: crack an egg on a flat surface, because it's very easy to contaminate an egg with shell or bacteria when you crack an egg on the side of a bowl. also, crack eggs at room temperature- very much less likely to break the yolks.
  10. Chamber VacSealers w oil pump : your take ?

    I bought the Polyscience because it is the only chamber vacuum sealer I could lift. And that was a stretch. Yes, I wish it had an oil pump.
  11. New Lays Potato Chip Flavors

    OK we took one for the team: Sizzlin' Szechaun............good...to very good. Nice heat (could be hotter) Would buy again , maybe one more bag....Not as good as their curry chips that we can't find anymore!
  12. Current sales, deals, and bargains (Part 2)

    Don't feel bad. I bought it and realized I owned it in a different edition.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Gardening: (2016 - 2017)

    I just brought in about 50 cracked tomatoes. I'd been leaving the tomatoes on the vines because there is no room inside.
  15. I've had good luck with this one. I use a really sharp aged cheddar, parm & a little gorgonzola. And, of course, the dreaded evap milk
  16. Pimento Cheese

    I had never tasted pimento cheese until I moved to Atlanta, but almost all the versions I've had here are just cheddar and mayo -- no Velveeta or American cheese. A very few contain a little cream cheese. I based my recipe on one from Duke's Mayonnaise, with a few modifications by way of Linton Hopkins and Sean Brock's recipes. I also use piquillo peppers because I can't readily find decent pimentos. Here's a link. (I originally wrote the recipe when I was running About.com's Cooking for Two web site, so it makes a very small batch. I usually double it; I guess I should probably update the recipe.)
  17. Courgette cutlets

    Simple and delicious. I like it. BTW, courgette = zucchini in Canada, Australia, and the US.
  18. new batch of Harissa, I keep it dry and mix it with more oil when needed
  19. Does anyone know what happened to the Speakeasy Cocktail app? I bought it a few years ago, but it's disappeared off my phone and the app store says it's been "removed".
  20. Falernum: The Topic

    Thanks for the replies! Off to order some cinnamon syrup, too....
  21. "The PDT Cocktail Book"

    I recently defrosted a package of Goya passionfruit puree and was looking for some drinks to use it in and came across PDT's Luau (not remembering that I actually made one years ago and posted it in this thread!). This time I reduced the rums to 2 oz - having made a few tiki drinks recently, I'm not sure I'm ready for 2 oz+ drinks in the middle of the day - and increased the passionfruit puree by 1/2 oz. While I liked the drink last time (apparently) and noted that it was a strong drink, I loved it this time. Used Skipper rum and Appleton Reserve. I came across Skipper after having a Hua Hin Beach cocktail at Kin Khao in SF (Skipper rum, lime, coconut cream, salt, kaffir lime and chocolate stout) and am a longtime fan of Appleton.
  22. The Commercial Posts and Media Solicitation Guidelines section of the Member Agreement has been amended to clarify our policy on affiliate links, e.g., to Amazon (US) merchandise. Previously, the first section read: We've inserted a new third bullet (in bold, below) and moved the subsequent bullets down the list. Nothing else has changed.
  23. Food funnies

    Not exactly a Food Funny but it struck me as humorous. I am sitting here re-watching the Massimo Bottura episode of Chef's Table while eating my bowl of Cheerios.
  24. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    @Anna N That bread looks amazing. I love grainy bread with fruit in it, toasted, with just butter on it. ,
  25. Oven spring

    High altitude baking requires adjustments in several categories. First, leavening (yeast, baking powder/soda) should be reduced. I have lived (and currently do live) at 7200 feet for most of my adult life. A recipe may call for 1 tsp. baking soda, but when you adjust for altitude (at 7200) this becomes 1/4 tsp, a pretty significant difference. Same thing with yeast--cut back by 25% and see how your bread turns out. Salt inhibits yeast, so I've doubled the amount for my bread. The reason you want to do this is exactly what MelissaH said--lower air pressure lets the bread rise faster, so you need less yeast. Also, because higher altitude usually translate to dry conditions, you may need extra water or other liquid. I'm mostly a bread baker, but when I make banana bread, for instance, I've learned to read the chart for how much to cut back on leavening. I haven't made a cake in about a century, but I often do quick breads or pies. Obviously you can disregard all of this if you're making a pie. Hope this helps. Nancy in Pátzcuaro
  26. Help with savory palmiers

    Thanks everyone. Much better. The oven was definitely hot because I had baked bread in it before I put these in there!
  27. Online source for freekeh?

    I tried the wholegrain freekeh from Freekehlicious. Bought it on Amazon. Delish! I use it as a breakfast cereal. Cook it on Sunday and I have it for the week. I have it with yogurt, fruit and a bit of cinnamon!
  28. Okay to be fair, I didn't find this myself. A girlfriend in Florida did and passed it on to me. It is a copy of the 1951 cookbook "A World of Good Eating" It is written by Helen Frost but, more important in my mind, is that the illustrations are by Helen A. Nelson. To say they are charming is not to begin to do them justice. Nelson had a long career illustrating books, cards and other things. Her children look like first cousins of the Campbell Soup kids only I like them much more. . The cookbook is divided into recipes from different regions. Poland somehow ended up with a chapter by itself. No mention of anything in the New World except America. Frost lived in New England so maybe that accounts for her choices. The Chinese recipes are curious and seem to require large amounts of green peppers. That leaves out some egulleters for sure. There are a couple of recipes in the British Isles section that look worth trying. I'll report back if they are any good. If nothing else , the colored drawing that introduce each area could be removed and framed. They are that cute!
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