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  2. The Food Photography Topic

    This is an amazing thread, I read it months ago and I didn’t understand what half the comments were saying. I went back today and reread it and the comments are gold. Real knowledgeable people here. Using the polarizing sunglasses is epic, thank you @dcarch
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  4. Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker grits?

    I mentioned that I can make excellent IP polenta but I've failed completely with the Barkely's Mill grits. I took a look at their website to see if they had any suggestions and indeed, they give two methods: Basic Pressure Cooker Grits. They say that with the first method, "The grits retain a bit of toothsome texture. It takes a few minutes for the grits to smooth out and thicken once they're done." That sounds like a sub-optimal result to me. Maybe adding a pre-soak step as @weinoo referenced from Sean Brock might help with that. The second method requires par-boiling on the stove top for long enough that the grits get suspended in the cooking liquid and don't sink to the bottom. Sounds like that should solve the issue I had but also negates the "set and forget" charm of the IP.
  5. Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix

    I have the beef too so will give that a try. Thanks
  6. Tacos--Cook-Off 39

    Ha! Tupperware! Bought many, many years ago - don’t know if they still offer them.
  7. Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Kriss Harvey has also advocated a much cooler temperature than I usually see recommended. He melts the cocoa butter, then tosses it back and forth between two cups until it reaches 29C, then sprays. I haven’t tried that method yet. For those taking the class, let us know what you think of it. I wish I could take it with you—alas, life right now. But I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences after you complete the course.
  8. Homemade Creme Fraiche

    Which culture do you use? I thought a salient feature of crème fraiche was that it was not too tangy? (I knew I'd eventually find a need for a centrifuge.)
  9. Think that was @tikidoc - not sure of technique though.
  10. I don't. Nor do I have room in the garden. Will plan for them next year.
  11. Best pot luck recipes

    And I've decided, since I bought one of somebody's fundraiser Boston butts and pulled it and put it in the freezer last weekend, I'll just take that rather than smoking a pork loin. Easy, and already done. That just leaves beans and slaw to prep. Slaw before I go, beans once I get there. They're easy.
  12. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Tonight's dinner- fried chicken with gravy and biscuits, with steamed corn on the side.
  13. I will freely admit this does not come up to the standard of work in this thread as far as looks goes, but I'll put it up against anyone's as far as taste is concerned. I have contended for ages I have the best cheesecake recipe in the world (it came from Southern Living, about 20-odd years ago, I think). Today, I took two quarts of fresh local strawberries; pureed one of them, and added the puree to the batter. That makes enough batter for my nine-inch pan and my six-inch pan, which is NOT a bad thing. While it was baking, I made a heavy simple syrup (1.5:1 sugar-water) infused with about half a cup of loosely packed mint leaves that I'd rolled between my palms to bruise them. Strained that, and capped and halved the other quart and let them sit in the fridge until the cheesecakes were done. Used the halves, along with some mint leaves I'd let sit in the same syrup, to decorate the tops. The big one is in the freezer for this weekend's pot luck. The little one is in the fridge, having already had a wedge cut out of it.... Damn, it's good.
  14. Well, that one cost me $6.98, for Plenty (somehow, I did not have it!) and oddly, when I was looking back to find this post, it went to the first post in the thread back ages ago, and the Okonomiyaki cookbook is still on for $3.99. Being a lover of okonomiyaki, I bought it, too. I have the Silver Palate cookbook in the dead tree edition (bargain shelf, Borders, 10 years ago). Worth the price of admission for the carrot cake recipe. That thing is sublime.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Blueberry Pancakes

    this is a batter recipe from 40+ years ago - as 'tested' by consumer reports. I also like to hand drop the berries after the pour . . . no blue batter...
  17. Mario Batali

    My late husband had a similar experience entering the military with a smart-ass attitude. He learned well and said it was the best lesson ever.
  18. The Air Fryer topic

    Actually Americas Test Kitchen is working on an Air Fryer book and were looking for testers. This month they were testing out an air fryer recipe for Air Fryer Coffee-Chipotle Rubbed Steaks.
  19. I've got a grill! I settled on a Blue Rhino portal propane grill I've got it built. I think it'll work well. It does have a broken locking clasp which is disappointing, but not enough for me to take back. Hopefully, I can just get a replacement part. It's a rainy week here in NC. Sadly, it will be the same when I go camping. I am trying to plan for rain with the hopes that it will change (like the weather here does). I'm trying to figure out the menu, but I think that rainy food and non-rainy food are two different beasts. If I can get my hammock up and under the rain fly, I will be a happy camper. I also want to see if I can get something set up over a larger area so I can cook on the grill and with the camp stove Mark my words, regardless of the weather I WILL have a grilled hot dog! If I am lucky, I will be having some kielbasa, too!
  20. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Pentecost long weekend lunches. SV rhubarb compote. Austrian pancakes. Spicy sausage I ate with quinoa and asparagus soup. The half Bresse chicken lasted 3 meals, this is the third one.
  21. It has been added both to my recipe book and to my list of things that must be done soon!
  22. Current sales, deals, and bargains (Part 2)

    Parmashop https://www.parmashop.com/english/ Ten percent off everything through 5/27 with code "Parma2018". I'm not sure if that's an additional 10% off items already on sale or not. Guess I'll find out. Note there is no mention of this coupon code on the site. Funny thing, I almost put in an order yesterday. Rather glad I hesitated. Now if I only had somewhere to hang a ham...
  23. Prep bowls

    About 12 years ago I scored about 15 small pyrex bowls that a neighbor in my apartment building had left in the communal "free to whoever wants it" zone - they hold maybe 1.5 cups, go in the microwave, stack...couldn't have been more perfect if I'd had them commissioned specially for me. It's the little things, you know?
  24. Breakfast! 2018

    Greek yogurt and strawberries from Harry's Berries at the local farmers market.
  25. More oddities I'm rather eager to try....
  26. Isn't all that chicken butchery a thing of beauty. Oh to have access to such chickens. And the chicken skin, oh my. Thanks to @btbyrd for sharing, I've now subscribed. D
  27. Freezing your Anson Mills

    Here's what I got back from Anson Mills, cut and pasted: Your Carolina Gold Rice and Sea Island Red Peas are new crop .. meaning they are live (viable) and aerobic when milled. They have associated robust and unique aroma/flavor profiles when cooked. When stored ambient, both will lose that lovely aroma/flavor profile because it will volatilize when you open the bags for cookery. Stored frozen, this will not happen. With regard to your fresh cold milled to order hand pound emulation Carolina Gold Rice... because we choose to emulate how rice was prepared from scratch paddy rice a la minute for cookery before the industrial revolution, we hull/mill so that we just nick the outer bran of each kernel leaving the inner bran layer and germ intact... this form can oxidize and/or spoil stored at room temperature even though we vac pack on CO2 envelope at -10 F. to protect this rice for shipment at ambient temperatures for about 2 weeks only. We mill this way for flavor.. Carolina Gold Rice is suppose to be "non-aromatic" rice.. milled new crop "partial white", which is how we mill to emulate hand pounding.. it is slightly aromatic which we love.
  28. Gary Danko

    Thanks. I’m thinking about Zuni Cafe for the roast chicken— is it as good was people mentioned in the past? And Liholiho Yacht Club because the menu is amazing.
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