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  2. Thanks for the suggestions, anomalii and Jo; I'll see what I can do. Jo, what's special about that red wine vinegar in particular?
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  4. Treasured Culinary Mementos

    Why would you want to remove the odor of garlic from your hands?
  5. Help identifying Le Creuset

    I have never seen one with those raised lines in the interior of a pot but other than that it looks authentic. I would suggest that you email your photo to Le Creuset and ask them if they have any more information about this piece.
  6. Making Butter!

    I started making my own butter/buttermilk about two years ago. I'm hooked, not only on the fresh butter, buttermilk and creme fraiche I get out of the process, but the process itself. I love making butter. From making the creme fraiche to churning (I have an old 1940s glass churn which is fun, but mostly use the KitchenAid), to washing, squeezing in butter muslin, kneading in the salt until creamy and develops beautiful waves of golden goodness. But here in Southern California, I have exhausted my resources, which aren't a lot in the way of fresh, local dairy. I usually use Clover or Humboldt cream (everything else is tasteless and/or ultra-pasteurized). But I want to find someone with a Jersey cow(s), from whom I can purchase cream. There MUST be people outside of LA/Orange/Riverside counties who have a cow or two. I just have no clue as to how to find them! Do any of you have any ideas? And, one thing: I just started using Icelandic Skyr as culture for my cream. It was wonderful!
  7. Worst cooking show ever

    Surely, all this stuff is not on topic. It's about bad shows. Not bad people.
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh, I would sit, stay, fetch and heel for one myself.
  9. Glad it's working out for you. I usually melt chunks of chocolate in the microwave - rarely bother to bust it up anymore.
  10. I also think it's good to get liquid out of the shredded cuke for tzatziki, but I am nowhere near as dedicated or patient as that! I usually just put a paper-towel lined sieve over a bowl and let the cuke drain there for 15 to 30 mins or so. Then lift the paper towel out and give a few squeezes and then shake the cuke shreds into a clean bowl. But then I don't mind the cuke adding a bit of liquid, especially if I start with a well-drained yogurt.
  11. I'm with your brother on the wrong weather. I started my radishes which I overplant and use for greens - but - way too hot and they are not happy
  12. Yesterday
  13. Indeed. I hate b.s. so when I got the old "trying to send this week and it's Chrismas and so busy" crap I decided to write them a pithy but polite note. If nothing else, I got a reply from someone higher up on the pecking order. We'll see if it does me any good.
  14. Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    On my last visit to TJ's, I spotted these 1 lb wedges of DOP Parmigiano Reggiano @ $14.99. As you can see below, the label says it's aged over 30 months. It's a nice cheese. Paper-wrapped wedge: Underneath the paper is a shrink-wrap: And inside, a nutty, flavorful cheese with visible salt crystals: Edited to add that the "sell by" date on the label is 4-29-2018 so I may pick up another wedge.
  15. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Interesting - never would have thought of using it for pound cake. How much batter per round ? Shall have to dig mine out.
  16. From this morning's perusal: Olympia Provisions: Cured Meats and Tales from an American Charcuterie Kindle Edition $1.99US This book has charcuterie info/recipes as well as recipes/dishes from the Portland, Oregon, "Olympia Provisions" restaurants. The "Look Inside" features shows a list of the recipes included in the book. edited to add that I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  17. Food funnies

    So, The Onion has a new cooking section with videos. Be warned, the audio is NSFW -laced with profanity.
  18. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    A toasted slice of the Holiday bread I’m making to give away for Christmas: 5 done, one in the machine and 2 more to make!
  19. What would you not part with?

    LOL. The girl that was the inspiration for that image was Evelyn Nesbit, a super model at the turn of the last century. Not knowing who she was, Lucy Montgomery, said a picture of her in a magazine was her inspiration for how Anne of Green Gables should look. We live on Prince Edward Island St. and in order to get here, you have to go on or cross streets named Charlottetown Rd., Green Gables and Lucy Montgomery Way. I thought it an apt picture for this address.
  20. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Stadium Brat with marinated onions and ball park mustard. HC
  21. I was intrigued by the green tea KitKats when I visited Japan. As well as the green tea ice cream.
  22. I love it. And I use every bit of my home's 790 square feet. Last week someone came over and without prompting, said she liked the setup of my "galley" kitchen. I guess it was sort of a compliment. I've always said that the end result of what we cook isn't based on how big the kitchen is.
  23. The new Instant Pot Ultra: On sale at Sur La Table
  24. Lefse!

    I think it's just lots of time to make in small batches - so the price goes up. The only time I've had lefse I HATED was when it was made with instant potatoes - don't EVER do that.
  25. COURGETTE MUFFINS WITH LEMON Since I found the recipe for courgette muffins with lemon on the Polish blog gotujzcukiereczkiem I decided to prepare them. My children looked at the ingredients with surprise. Courgette and cakes don't go together well. The argument that they add caster sugar to the courgette pancakes didn't convince them. The muffins reminded my husband of the lemon cake his grandma used to prepare many years ago. I just liked them. They were short lived, because they disappeared in no time, slightly lemony, moist and not too sweet. They were perfect. If I didn't know they had courgette in them, I would never believe it. Try it, because it is worth it. Ingredients (for 12 muffins)muffins 200g of flour a pinch of salt half a teaspoon of baking soda half a teaspoon of baking powder 150g of sugar peel from one lemon a tablespoon of lemon juice 2 eggs 150ml of oil a teaspoon of vanilla essence a teaspoon of lemon essence 210g of grated courgetteicing: 3 tablespoons of milk 10 tablespoons of caster sugar 1 teaspoon of lemon essence Heat the oven up to 170C. Put some paper muffin moulds into the "dimples" of a baking pan for muffins. Mix together the dry ingredients of the muffins: flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Mix together the sugar and lemon peel in a separate bowl. Add the eggs, oil, lemon juice and both essences. Mix them in. Add the dry ingredients and mix them in. Grate the unpeeled courgette, don't squeeze and don't pour away the liquid. Add the courgette to the dough and mix it in. Put the dough into some paper muffin moulds. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Now prepare the icing. Mix the milk with the caster sugar and lemon essence. Decorate the muffins with the lemon icing. Enjoy your meal!
  26. Sous Vide Duck Confit

    Thank you all for the commentaar and guidance. This batch worked out fine. I rinser and dried the legs an put them in the oven (overnight 8hrs 85 degrees Celsius). Do you drain and strain the fat before staving it in a container in the fridge? Or just pop it in? Kind regards, Debbie
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