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  1. Yesterday
  2. Worst Halloween candy

    What about the people who give apples or toothbrushes? Like why bother? I always loathed those people.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Sashimi night
  4. Restaurant pet peeves

    Thanks for the Firefly reference. Thought that was what you were doing earlier. ;-)
  5. The French dip looks sooooooo goooooooood.
  6. Just saw this: Eric Ripert's "Le Bernardin Cookbook: Four-Star Simplicity" Kindle Edition $1.99US Note that one of the reviews said the book is fish/seafood-centric. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  7. dipping soft centers in chocolate

    Or peanut butter powder. Here's my recipe for a center like that - 500 gram peanut butter 250 gram fondant 2 tbsp molasses 1 tsp kosher salt Mix peanut butter with molasses and salt. Just mix in peanut butter - too much and it will get crumbly.
  8. Old cookbooks

    I have several facsimile reprints of very old cookbooks purchased from Acanthus Books Some of them were written very seriously but the way they sound today is often hilarious. One that was reprinted again in 1994 is The Cookery Book of Lady Clark of Tillypronie You have to think that some of these cooks were very adventurous because they were taking things that sounded really odd and were preparing extraordinary dishes from them. One British friend who is about my age, born just before WWII, said that when she began reading old cookbooks from the 19th century, she wondered, "what the hell happened?" because ordinary homemakers a hundred years earlier were cooking much more interesting dishes than when she was a girl. Of course she was growing up during a time of strict rationing in the British Isles. Still, she said it seemed to carry on for much longer afterward than was necessary. People had gotten used to canned foods and were suspicious of many "foreign" foods.
  9. A better photographer will be along soon but in the meantime here you go. The developer version of the ANOVA on the right and the Joule on the left. The ANOVA 1.0 is the red one but it is pretty much identical to the developer version. I don’t know if the version currently available is the same size.
  10. Aldi

    Oh dear, @rotuts. Have you gone over to the Dark Side??? I've got one of those rounds of Brie, as well.
  11. Keeping bottles stable

    Boating supply stores have many non-slip solutions. dcarch
  12. Strangely I feel it is important to stay married. Just got back from Texas, going to Seattle after Paris.
  13. I don't know if anyone is still keeping some kind of count on the forum, but mine contribution is about to go down. So far I've put 64 cookbooks on the dining room table to dispose of in the next few days: first to friends, then to the library, then to a local charity. It was time.
  14. Salad 2016 –

    “Clean Out The Fridge” Pasta Salad
  15. I am not a gardener. I can kill mint, with ease. But earlier today, I committed the absurd act of plucking a ripe Yellow Pear tomato off its vine from the pot on our deck, and noted that there are still probably a dozen or more green versions of all sizes still there, as well as some flowers. There's also an unripe Brandywine, which may or may not be able to progress beyond green. This on the shore of Lake Ontario, in mid-October.
  16. How to recreate these chocolates

    If I recall correctly (and at my age that’s always questionable) Chef Rubber has (or had) a gold (and silver) cocoa butter. Indeed, I just looked through my stash and found mine...Jewel Collection Gold 620500. Im inclined to say they sprayed (and splattered) the cocoa butter on with a mask then did the other colors and of course, backed off with white
  17. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Leftovers from earlier in the week - Pork Fried Rice and Grilled Shrimp
  18. You are right -- I was thinking that there was a sweet spot for the amount of salt you wanted, but upon re-reading the salt section of the book I see that is due to fermentation inhibition, not gluten formation. Wet, which is what the recipe is for in this particular case. I didn't feel like the dough was overly wet (or dry), the hydration felt about right for a French lean bread. I was using King Arthur bread flour. They use "direct" as opposed to one with a preferment or levain. Thanks for all the detailed input, it sounds like your joking "earlier" is really probably just the right answer.
  19. Fruit

    I think they're a pretty niche thing. My father grew them, and I have a small mason jar of pickled mouse melons he put up last year. I also have the leftover seed, and will try to grown them in next year's garden. I can see them being a big hit with the grandkids.
  20. Not weird! Stoooooopid!!!!!!
  21. Oreo Cookies

    Let me save you all from the abomination that is the Mystery Oreo; it comes in a white package and you're supposed to "guess" the flavor. One of the girls at work was describing it and I saw some at the supermarket yesterday so I bought a package for work and another to bring home. Gross is what immediately came to mind as I bit into one. It reminds me - and not in a good way - of Trix cereal or if you are old enough, the St Joseph Baby Aspirin that had an orange taste to it. No one at work liked them, so we threw them out. And no one at home is eating them either so they'll be in the trash tomorrow. It's the usual chocolate cookie, with a white filling (no tell-tale bits of anything in the filling so you can't tell just by looking. The cookie part is fine; the filling is what's disgusting. It's a chemical-y orange taste that is awful. So you've been warned - don't go into the deep end of the pool - and if you do, don't say you weren't warned!! LOL
  22. Last week
  23. Foraging for favorites

    Not too exciting for most of you, but definitely for us, we now have 93 Butternuts on tap. A big storm two nights ago led to our latest gathering.
  24. Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt

    I used the mini just last night to partially steam some potatoes before roasting them in duck fat. I love that little pot and because of It's size, it lives in a corner on the counter for easy access.
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