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  2. HungryChris

    Gardening: (2016– )

    Wild ramp omelet. I'm not sure if these ramps in my two modest patches can be called wild, as I put them together with several trips to the Union Square Farmer's Market over a few years, planting them when I got them home. They do not propagate well at my low altitude, so I leave the bulbs in the ground and have to be happy with just the leaves, which I greatly enjoy. HC
  3. gulfporter

    Dinner 2019

    Went to a nearby (5 minute walk) trendy spot in Lisbon's Cais do Sodre district, Taberna Tosca. I had the pork cheeks in a delicious wild mushroom wine broth, topped with crispy sweet potato shards....the meat so tender it fell apart with my spoon. DH had a tempura shrimp pancake with green curry sauce....nice clean fry, excellent batter and sauce. My pictures do not do the dishes justice. Excellent Portuguese red wines, meal with wine was 30 euros.
  4. BonVivant

    Dinner 2019

    Another nice buchon called "Notre Maison". There's a cook and 2 other persons doing everything else. It's a young team and things are more relaxed here. You can sit anywhere, whereas at other buchons you can't. Serving style is informal, like how I do it at home. The butter at this restaurant also comes with a knife in it and with the wrapping paper intact. Slice as much as you like. Braised beef cheeks Slow-cooked lentils with sausage. The sausage has a specific taste, similar to the strong taste of pork I had on the first day. When you are done eating you get some booze. I think it's whiskey. You may pour as much as you like. How they want you to feel eating here. Many French tourists are a bit shocked and delighted at the same time. I had done my research well so for me it was no surprise. I had a nice time here. The young crew is lovely. There's a resident cat. Very affectionate creature, he has a path build on the wall. Non matching chairs are probably from charity shops or given by relatives and friends. Where the cat drinks Behind me is the smallest fireplace I've ever seen.
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  6. BonVivant

    Lunch 2019

    My name is on a specific table in the seating layout (I saw all the tables had names on them). Traditional buchons are only open for about 2,5hrs for lunch or dinner. The boss comes to each table (he knows whose turn it is) to explain the dishes they are serving. The "menu" is handwritten on a piece of paper and it changes a little every day depending on what they have. Boss is humorous and cool. One of the reasons his buchon is one of the most popular in town. Gratin and sauteed vegs. Everyone got this same plate today. A braising French cut, tender and still retains texture. Notice both handles on my Staub dish are missing. I wouldn't throw mine out either. Traditional Lyonnaise food is meat and offal heavy. These pork cheeks can be cut with a spoon. Every single table is reserved. If you want to eat at this kind of place best to reserve in advance. It takes around 2 hours to eat a meal and the place is opens for about 2,5 hours. Menu outside the kitchen Restaurant is on a tiny street with cars parked in front of it. Well, then I made a photo of a photo instead.
  7. jimb0

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Long time listener, first time caller. So much good bread in this thread. I eat very little bread these days, staying away from carbs. But it probably remains my favourite food, so I do a lot of baking and either give it all away or send it to work in my SO's lunch. These past few months I've been on a kick of making stuffed rolls and buns; we have creatively started referring to them 'stuffs'. So far I've filled them with leftovers, meats, cheeses (cream cheese-based ones are easy, too). A couple of small ones makes for a nice lunch focal point. This often gets combined with my love of using non-traditional hydration sources. In one case I was inspired by borscht. Cooked some beets and mashed them into the dough; they were filled with cream cheese, onions, dill, and capers. I was honestly pretty amazed at how well the colour stayed. These are the same dough (I really only ever bake with two doughs and just twist them to fit the circumstance), only made with carrot juice and filled with cream cheese, candied ginger, and something else, then rolled in walnuts (kindly ignore the experimental sausage balls in the background). The carrot juice adds a lovely colour and slight sweetness to an ordinary enriched dough, too, though I could have done a better job on dough development as the texture wasn't really up to snuff: Additionally, has anyone experimented with fermenting bread with brewing yeasts? I've played around with a few and gotten some good results. I've read that using some of the traditional brown ale yeasts can lend an oatmeal-ish flavour to a bread that contains, in fact, no oats; it's something I want to try.
  8. It was quite a few years ago - back in the days when the Americans were a little hesitant to sell to Canadians. I suspect it wouldn't be a problem these days.
  9. ElsieD

    Dinner 2019

    Aw, you're too kind. Don't know about stunning, but it probably would have looked better. I have some, too, but didn't think to use them.
  10. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2019

    The steak does look great but I want that potato. Broccoli or broccolini looks good too. Love carbs.
  11. Okanagancook

    Dinner 2019

    On an all white plate it probably would have looked stunning.
  12. ElsieD

    Dinner 2019

    Korean stewed chicken with spinach. Looks terrible. Tasted great.
  13. We've made it. We also got almost "one of everything" to go at Milk Bar Vegas as dessert after our meal at Momofuku. I think we also got crack pie soft serve, but it might have just been two servings of cereal milk soft serve. At any rate... It's a sugar pie. It tastes like a sugar pie. It's good. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how balanced it was, since Christina has a reputation for being a sugar freak and I have reputation for never ordering dessert. My favorite dessert is a proper cheese course with a glass of port. And if not that, then a fruit pie with some cheese and maybe some iced cream. And if not that, then an acid-forward berry sorbet. I'm not the kind of person who wants to mow down on a sugar and flour and corn anything. But I'm a fan of Tosi and a fan of the Momo crew. When in Rome... I don't think "Milk Bar Pie" is a very good name for the product, for multiple reasons. And I cannot imagine taking offense to "Crack Pie," even tough anyone with a brain can acknowledge how horrifically destructive that drug has been (and especially so in the African American community, in part because of garbage and prejudicial sentencing laws that treat crack differently from powdered cocaine). Crack Pie is okay in my book. Just okay. It's nothing to write home about. I don't think I'd make it again, or order it again. And maybe I'd try to come up with a different name, but maybe not. But I'm not a sugar head, even if I did once order (basically) one of everything at Milk Bar Vegas on our way back home from the Grand Canyon. Needs acid. But then again, I acid adjust my juice. So....
  14. That was my first thought as well ... such a lovely sight, especially with dimmed light. Bit of a fairy tale forest feeling !
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  16. robirdstx

    Dinner 2019

    Taco Thursday!
  17. the aroma of the Billies is not that they are dirty-ish after all , the BardYard animals rarely visit The A Spa the male goat aromata is hormonal and secretory I can't say what female goats smell like they do produce excellent milk for cheese ...............
  18. Kinda sad to hear that. I bookmarked the site because it said they can ship most items to most places without trouble. I don't even know if there's anything I want, I'm not up on essential oils enough to be confident about what is or isn't safe to use in a food situation, but I was going to take a peek. But I know there's nothing I want bad enough to deal with import hassles.
  19. My step-daughter had a billy goat for a couple of years. He was a pill....and he didn't smell too good, but she sure loved him!
  20. as far as I can tell Kid or Cabrito , ie a goat that is way less than one year is a TX thing and very difficult to get else ware its delicious and although it has its own taste < 1 year is quite mild. I can only get Goat here , Fz from some ethnic groceries , on the decline as WF is gobbling up their real estate for the Gentry Swells [ ed.: FD I own a very small number of AMZN shares. Go AMXN ! ] I do hope you enjoyed it , and it sells out for a reason in TX Do not , in any way , confuse Kid or Cabritto for Goat. " Goat " is very very full flavored " Aged BarnYard" might be a pointer for you have you ever been near a Billy Goat ? a bit like that and more. that's why its always curried in Jamaica
  21. I like it. (I'm still working on leftovers...) I think it has a distinctive taste - not strong, but you wouldn't confuse it with beef or pork. It reminds me slightly of lamb, but that could be the power of suggestion from my mental association of one animal with the other. It's also lean. I think it would be easy to dry out, but this isn't / wasn't.
  22. blue_dolphin

    Camping, Princess Style

    So, what did you think of the kid? A dining companion ordered a roast shoulder of kid at a restaurant in Barcelona and that's the only time I tried it. I was somewhat taken aback at the small size of the bones but I always want to try things and it was very good!,
  23. Did you enjoy the goat? I've never eaten it, either.
  24. They almost look like mushrooms popping up from the forest floor (a foraging theme!). Just beautiful.
  25. https://euvs-vintage-cocktail-books.cld.bz/ Just found about this site, it's full of what the thread title says. Should be appreciated by all the cocktail aficionados here. EDIT: it's a collection of old cocktail books, free from copyright and free to download. Teo
  26. Texas is far behind us now, but I have another post or two to share from there. We would like to have visited Laird's B-B-Q & Catering one more time, but they finally managed to sell after some years of trying. More power to them, they wanted to retire! The pits were sold to an outfit in Austin. I understand that Kenny is thoroughly enjoying retirement and Esther is selling her art in a local gallery. The old place is now a private residence. That meant that our last hurrah for our 'cue season was back at Cooper's Old-Time Pit Barbecue, which was no hardship. It's an easy walk from the park where we stayed. I've written about it before, and if you want to see a previous entry you can look here. The pits had the usual tempting selection of meats. I had made arrangements in advance to get a small piece of cabrito (kid goat). I've never had it. It's supposed to be delicious, but it always sells out quickly. It turned out that I could ask someone to set some aside for me. I also selected brisket. In addition to the meat, there are desserts and sides to be ordered, if one wishes. The macaroni and cheese didn't make it into this picture. I got some hickory-smoked bacon, and more potato salad. Once I'd paid for the purchases, I went to get one last large serving of their wonderful pinto peans and barbecue sauce. You've seen those before, so instead I'll show their award plaque and part of the dining area. Once I got home and we were ready to eat, I unwrapped my prizes (you've seen brisket; this is cabrito shoulder)... ...and discovered that there was no way my darling would let cabrito pass his lips. It isn't a question of flavor, but rather a question of cuteness. He has a soft spot for them because of the way his Bedouin friends in Egypt treated them: never to be eaten directly, but instead to be sold in order to buy essentials such as cloth and foodstuffs. He knows it isn't rational, but there it is. So he had brisket, and I had cabrito. (That's his preferred barbecue sauce - Jack Daniels #7 - instead of Cooper's sauce on the brisket.) Some miles outside Llano, on our way north, we passed under this banner. "Oh, no!" he groaned, "I can't get away from it!"
  27. heidih

    New house, new kitchen

    Lovely bright space. My kitchen designers would lament the distance (too much between prep and cooking but I think your island sounds like the "solution". I think you mentioned wanting to have people so an island with stool space might solve that. I have posted this before. Only image I can find of a former one. (not me) Half was under counter storage and other part overhung and we put stools there.
  28. Check previous post. It was edited.
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