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    • Post in Bulrush (STL)
      Well, although we tried to arrange an eG gathering this summer at Bulrush, a certain public health crisis intervened, and we've basically all been cooped up in our homes for the last several months. However, Bulrush is open again with very limited seating, and an expanded meal, so I ventured out to STL to give it a spin. This was without a doubt the best meal I've had to date at Bulrush...
      Asparagus -
      Dried chicken liver
      Fermented aspragus
      Foraged sumac
      Asparagus emulsion

      Carrot -
      Nixtamalized baby carrot
      Cinnebar mushroom powder
      Rye crisp
      Carrot top pesto

      Ricotta & Squash - 
      Ricotta mouse
      Compressed squash w/ lovage
      Grilled shishito peppers
      Gooseberry verjus

      Cabbage -
      Garlic miso runner cabbage
      Buttermilk gel
      Blueberry anise sauce
      Pickled gooseberry & mulberry

      Corn Soup - 
      Pork belly

      Acorn donut -
      Black walnut nocino
      Buttermilk roasted turnip
      Pecan praline
      White chocolate potato mousse

      Walleye - 
      Fermented chanterelle sauce
      Grilled leek
      Daikon radish
      Leek oil

      Poached hen's yolk - 
      Edible "shell"
      Fermented dandelion honey
      Cured yolk
      English peas

      Pork cheek - 
      Sassafras root glaze
      "Grilled" grits
      Blueberry salt

      Mignardise - 
      Mulberry & cherry pate de fruit
      Mulberry bonbon

      Rhubarb vinegar ice cream -
      Mulberry meringue
      Buckwheat honey cake
      Mulberry compote

      Overall the meal was characterized by surprising and delicious flavor and texture combinations: in fact, I thought the least successful dish was the walleye, because it was so... normal! Delicious, but out of place among all of the other flavor combinations during the course of the meal. I also chatted with Rob about the cured hen's egg a bit -- it hasn't been his guests' favorite. The savory gel thing isn't sitting well with diners here, which I think is too bad, because I thought that dish was really excellent.

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    • Post in Your Daily Sweets: What Are You Making and Baking? (2017 – )
      I made triangoli alla marmellata from Omar Busi. This is a leavened dough with sugar/egg/butter and laminated. Instead of the jam, I filled them with frangipane. My boy turning 13 today, no party but he got a special breakfast 
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    • Post in Buying Japanese Knives Online
      Here you go.  My knife splurge is complete. From top to bottom: Sukenari Honyaki white #1 gyuto 210mm with custom Russian Karelian Birch handle, Kato Nakiri white #2 180mm with wenge ferrule handle, Fujiwara Shirogami gyuto white #1 210mm, Fujiwara Shirogami Wa-petty white #1 150mm. The first two are from ChefKnivesToGo.com and the second two I bought in person at Bernal Cutlery in San Francisco.  I've congratulated myself enough for last year. Now on to earn next year's!
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    • Post in Salad 2016 –
      Salad of Chorizo, Avocado & Bell Peppers with Sherry Dressing from Diana Henry's Simple. Apparently the result of a merger between a Spanish tapas bar and a California salad joint!

      Delicious salad and lots of fun to eat - you can make each bite a different combination of ingredients. I crisped the chickpeas in the oil left from the chorizo. The rich ingredients (chorizo, avocado, roasted pepper, etc.) need a nice bite from the sherry vinegar. I only tasted the dressing by dipping leaves of greens and ended up drizzling a bit more vinegar on afterwards.
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    • Post in Breakfast 2020!
      Polenta topped with collards, boiled egg and some meat picked from the smoked hock cooked with the collards.

      That's a moat of collard potlikker surrounding the polenta
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