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    • Post in DARTO pans
      I have the full set of Darto pans and like them a lot. I also have a larger Matfer coming as a Christmas present (because sometimes you need 12.75" for searing extra big things like roasts). I like the Dartos quite a bit. Like many, I learned about them from ChefSteps where they were used in a pan sauce video a while ago. There are a bunch of threads on these pans over on the ChefSteps forums, including a number of recent ones from people like Rotuts who picked up pans with the free shipping offer. My favorite aspect is the single-piece construction that eliminates rivets. I HATE cleaning around rivets... they never seem to get completely clean. I'm glad the Matfer has sanded/finished rivets so that it will be easier to clean.
      As for seasoning, I always do it on the stovetop by burning off a very thin layer of oil and wiping down as the oil starts smoking. I follow the ATK/CI method of initial seasoning for new carbon steel pans of cooking potato peels with a lot of oil and copious amounts of kosher salt. After that, it's the stovetop oil method. I find that doing it in the oven can leave a spotty finish, even if I wipe the layer of oil very, very thin. Others apparently have luck with that, but I don't. The Darto pans come semi-pre-seasoned with that black layer of finish that makes them resemble cast iron. They still need to be properly seasoned, but the initial base layer gives the pans an attractive and uniform "black all over" look that I like. I bought my first two pans without the free shipping, and the price of getting them to me was as much as one of the pans. The free shipping offer is worth taking advantage of if you're looking for some carbon steel. The pans are quite heavy, and the handles quite broad (which might be an issue if you have small hands). I have smallish hands, but find them a pleasure to grab with a side towel. 
      The small pan is really quite small, but it can be useful for cooking smaller items and toasting spices if you have a bunch of other big stuff on the stovetop. The handle can heat up quickly if you use it on higher heat, but that's to be expected since it's rather short. The 15cm size is a "maybe" for me, but the rest of them are in constant rotation. The 20cm pan is just the right size for frying two eggs and having them come out in a perfect connected circle. The 23 and 27 immediately became good friends. They sear almost as well as cast iron and have good nonstick performance with very little fat. I reach for them much more often than my All Clads for most cooking tasks, though I wouldn't want to be without quality stainless.
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    • Fish & Chips
      I'm just starting to learn about southern hemisphere fish but am enjoying the availability of fish & chips made from something that isn't a generic frozen lump.
      I have enjoyed Trevalla and just tried flounder, which isn't something I usually think of for deep frying. Quite nice.
      What are your favourites and why?
      • 96 replies
    • Post in Your Daily Sweets: What Are You Making and Baking? (2017 – )
      Nutella Eclair 
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    • Post in Les Pres D'Eugenie
      As a (big) fan of gastronomy, it’s normal that I want to visit as many different restaurants as possible –

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    • Post in Dinner 2018 (Part 1)
      Had a rather heavy lunch, so a light dinner tonight.
      Stir fried fresh ramen noodles with duck and leeks. Duck marinated with Shaoxing wine, garlic, ginger and chilli. A splash of soy sauce near the end.

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