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Competition XXVII: Fantasy Foodblog

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#1 maggiethecat

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Posted 16 January 2006 - 07:12 PM

Forget football.

I understand that the Superbowl will be held sometime soon, and those Fantasy Footballl Leagues might go on hiatus -- at least until you've scraped the the nacho cheese off the remote. Between now and the Ice Dancing competitions,the eGullet Literary Smackdown XXVII gives you the opportunity to channel the daily diet of someone dead or fictional, and give him or her the opportunity to chat about chow. What didn't George Washington eat at Valley Forge? Maybe Farmer McGregor would like to expound on sustainable agriculture and jugged hare. Dr. Jekyll and M.. Hyde could tag team a blog. Henry the VIII, Rossini, Miss Marple, Ty Cobb, Beowulf -- hell, Elvis! They all had to eat.

This is a set piece, not an interactive blog. When a reader wants to reply, you write it for him. Say Thomas Jefferson is in raptures about his rice crop -- you post the snotty reply from Alexander Hamilton reminding him that he brought the stuff into the country illegally. The deadline is March 31st, and I'll be awarding two cookbooks to the First Prize Winner,one apiece to Second and Third. Don't post your entries here. Go to The Fantasy Blogspot.

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