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Your favorite "tool" for making Pie Crust


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#31 fiftydollars

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 03:51 PM

I don't like pastry cutters/blenders with wires because they tend to be flimsier than the ones with blades. Most wire cutters are too flexible and don't cute well into cold butter (much less frozen or near-frozen butter).

#32 rickster

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 03:54 PM

FWIW, there's an interesting recipe for pie crust by Jim Dodge which doesn't rely on a food processor or a pastry cutter. I'm pretty sure it's in a Julia Child book called in Julia's Kitchen WIth Master Chefs. It's in one of his books too but probably our of print. The concept is that you cube the cold butter, mix it with the flour and pour on a work surface. Then you flatten the cubes with a rolling pin, pour the butter flour mix back in a bowl and add the cold water and mix by hand. You then pour the dough, which is still loose back on the work surface and go through a process of rolling and folding. This ends up with a pie crust which is almost like a rough puff pastry.

#33 Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks
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Posted 04 August 2005 - 04:30 PM

go through a process of rolling and folding.

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It seems as though that would develop the glutin and produce a tough pastry.
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#34 Shelley G.

Shelley G.
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Posted 06 August 2005 - 09:46 AM

I am a huge fan of the food processor - the trick for me is to have the butter cubed and frozen, and I also put the dry ingredients in the freezer for at least 1/2 an hour. We're making lots of fresh cherry hand pies right now, so the processors are getting their workouts...

#35 MelissaH

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Posted 06 August 2005 - 11:19 AM

Since moving into a house without a dishwasher, definitely the hands. With a dishwasher available, though, I prefer the food processor for the butter and dry ingredients. I'd still fold in the wet stuff by hand because I always overdo it by machine.

It's much easier to wash hands than a food processor. Also, there's much less risk of cutting yourself on your own hands. :biggrin:

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#36 LindaK

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Posted 06 August 2005 - 06:00 PM

Are there preferred techniques according to the fat being used? My pie crusts (w/shortening) are always best made by hand but my tart doughs (w/butter) are always best in the processor.


#37 cherimoya

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 05:53 PM

I use a plastic scraper and I make my dough right on the countertop, rather than in a bowl.

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