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What's the structure of your kitchen?

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#1 tony h

tony h
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Posted 08 May 2002 - 08:46 AM

What's the structure of your kitchen?  How many chefs/minions do you have on a usualy day?  Is there a steady turnover or do you have a solid, loyal team?  When recruiting do you find this easy to do locally or is there a nominal waiting list from all over the country?

#2 Shaun Hill

Shaun Hill
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Posted 08 May 2002 - 10:09 AM

When I look in the shaving mirror I can see that all the chefs are on duty.

Actually my wife Anja now bakes the bread and makes some of the puds but I'm not sure she'd want to be described as solid, even metaphorically.

In previous jobs as Head Chef, though, it has been tremendously important to have loyal and dedicated cooks alongside. Most importantly they needed to be on the same wavelength and understand what you considered essential, what peripheral.

If you were to eat at the Manoir or Ramsay's and there was no seasoning on the food, you wouldn't think that the chef had a duff crew on that session, you would think that the man himself was overrated. So it all has to work as if from the same hand. And that is of course what sorts out the heroes from the rest