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Comfortable Work Shoes

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#1 Blue Heron

Blue Heron
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Posted 08 May 2002 - 08:35 AM

Do you wear the Chef's clogs I've (recently) heard so much about?  If not, is there another style or type of shoe that you like &/or recommend for wearing for comfort while working?  Thanks.

#2 Shaun Hill

Shaun Hill
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Posted 08 May 2002 - 10:13 AM

I have worn white chefs' clogs since I worked at Carriers restaurant and still buy them from Briggs Boot stores in Kendal - actually they call themselves Briggs and Shoemines now.

I think my feet would have given up otherwise. Also, in the past, the clatter they make has meant that my cooks could hear me coming from some distance and stop saying anything mutinous that we all might have regretted