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Taste Buds

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#1 Liza

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Posted 03 May 2002 - 10:30 AM

Hello Shaun,
Thanks for participating in this forum. I'm married to an Irishman who has discovered his palate after years of eating 'boring' food. In the bio thread, Jason writes that your move to Shropshire was daring, implying that the eaters in Shropshire might not have been "up to" appreciating your talents. I'm wondering if you think some people have un-tested tastebuds that just need to be awakened or if some people just like really boring food.


#2 Shaun Hill

Shaun Hill
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Posted 08 May 2002 - 10:52 AM

The move to Shropshire was only daring in that there is a smaller population to draw from than say London for there are the same proportions of people with food problems  or even any real interest in food other than as fuel around the country I would think.

The difficulty is not that they like it boring but that they are frightened by food. For instance I prefer my lamb underdone but if I'm visiting auntie and get it well done then I'll eat up like a good boy even if I don't enjoy it so much. Most of your punters who want it very well done would rather walk on hot coals that eat it with blood flowing.

Tell Jason that my other choice of locale to set up shop was Galway but I couldn't afford the property prices. Even less people there I'd have thought