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Tea vs coffee drinkers

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#31 phaelon56

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Posted 03 December 2003 - 11:34 AM

Coffee is well known for its laxative effects - you and your mother are far from being the only ones....

#32 sequim

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Posted 03 December 2003 - 04:24 PM

I'm with both..wanting to experience all the wonderful taste sensations out there that I can. Coffee to get up with and read by in the morning - french roast with brown sugar, half and half with a touch of nutmeg. A fine way to get started and not need to eat breakfast for awhile. Later on comes tea. Actually I used to dislike tea until my cubicle mate started bringing in tea with the fancy steeping tea pot and offering me a cup. Now we have our routine at 9-ish. He opens the door to the tea stash and we have about 20 difference boxes of stuff to choose from. We are always out looking for good teas and different types. He'll say "What do you feel like today?" The dark teas (English, Indian) are drunk with half and half and honey, while the lighter teas (green, white, jasmine) are with honey only as cream overpowers their light flavor.

Recommendation: a cup of Taj Mahal with a dark chocolate dipped almond biscotti to dunk in it.

Warning: don't overbrew the teas or you'll get the icky tannin flavor.

Opinion: Loose leaf is not always better. We've had containers of loose that are completely lacking in flavor or stale because once they're open, the air gets to them. However, you can get good bagged tea such as the Genmai brown rice vacuum packed tea that will always be fresh when you open them. Very expensive though.