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Burger King

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#181 Shel_B

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 11:13 AM

Heard the culinary term "Gut Bomb" but a bit unsure of what it means?  a practical test at BK w 2 bucks ( + Tax) will fill you in nicely on its definition.



When I was a kid and into my teens, we'd go to the White Castle.  We called the "burgers" there "Belly Bombs" for their tendency to "explode" in the stomach, and also because they were so small.  FWIW, my earliest White Castle memories include the price of the burger ... 8-cents!

.... Shel

#182 rotuts

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 11:28 AM

can't see this in anyway 'improving' the BK burger


a good portion of the BK Way is the ambience of the place, after all.




still waiting for the Palate to Re-balance so i can study those Big Kings.

#183 rotuts

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 12:41 PM

I decided to take a hit ( 2 ) again for the team:  the Big King 2 for 5 bucks


my T.Buds have mostly recovered from my previous studies and I thought Id apply a Stress Test before i begin my studies of the


Cuisinart 'Steam-Boy' ( 197 ) which arrived the other day.


first off:  the Bun on the BK is quite a bit different than the one on the B.Mac   it seems more substantial and firmer.


I ordered my Specimens w extra pickle and sauce.  I thought the Double Veg can't hurt. can't say if BK thinks there sauce is 'Special' or not.


you do get a bit of char taste as these pucks patties went thought their no doubt patented Char Field.


the sauce is not as tart as the McD's 'Special'  but its a bit hard to recall the many nuances of the McD sauce.  BK is sweeter,


and indeed they point that out.


nutritional notes are interesting:   McD :  550 cals, 25 gm protein, 29 gm fat, 46 gms carb, 970 mg sodium


in contrast if one chooses to believe the Corporate Data:


BK:  510 cals, 18 gms protein, 11 gms fat, 38 gms carbs, 780 mg sodium.


this make sense:  the BK was a bit 'dryer' than what i recall the McD B.M. to be


its all that extra fat in the McD's.  McD's knows what brings you back, and back and ... R.I.P


also note the 190 mg of 'free' add on salt w McD's.  they mentioned Sugars, but I forgot to make an analysis of that. Betting McD has more sugar:


that's the three major FastFood Food Groups right there:  Fat, Salt, Sugar.  Ronald knows his business,


thats for sure !  that's the Black Hole Troika that sucks you past the Event Horizon every time !


over all:  the McD BM is almost ingrained in our DNA.  one only has to travel within a mile of a McD for 40 years + and never eat one as the imprint is no doubt 'On the WInd'


over all : if you are at BK, and have the Funds, Id go with the Whooper w extra tomato ( slice , lacking in the two study groups above) pickle and mayo.


Im on IR now, awaiting some physical therapy to get me back into Game Shape so I can study the Cuisinart 'Steam-Boy' ( 197 ) in the near future.


hoping both McD and BK don't come out with Specimens that require further serious study any time soon.

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