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Gastrotourism, travelling to eat

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#31 Bill Klapp

Bill Klapp
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Posted 14 May 2003 - 02:50 PM

Do I take it from the foregoing that some people travel for reasons OTHER THAN to eat? Why? It seems so pointless! I am of the view that sightseeing is something you do to walk off a meal...
Bill Klapp


#32 Danielle

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Posted 05 June 2003 - 06:36 AM

Slowly catching up with e-Gullet, and "discovering" fascinating discussions. Just recently, I heard myself comment on the kind of travel I like to do, in response to a couple who prefers to go hiking everywhere around the world, from Cinque Terre to Ayers Rock or the jungles of Indonesia; yet those are the same folks I often meet in Manhattan or nearby to have lunch at Bouley's, Boulud's, VonGerichten's restaurants!

My priorities are the arts, world class or local, food and, if the nature's displays happen to be worthy of a detour, all the better.

In Paris, I don't go to the Louvre much, I prefer the lesser known museums like Les Gobelins, or Marmottan, or Jeu de Paume, or Musee de Sevres, or the retrospectives at the Grand Palais. French provinces have excellent museums with emphasis on local art: from painters and sculptors to furniture and china -- I especially like the one in Dijon. And, because I like contemporary arts, I haunt Lille, Nice, Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux, Toulouse and the Pompidou Center to name a couple.

Mind you, it's not that they lack superb restaurants :raz: ... We were just in Saint-Etienne three weeks ago, and stayed at L'Hostellerie de la Poularde in Montrond-les-Bains, where Gilles Eteocle plies his trade with the help of his wife who runs the inn. That visit satisfied all senses, as on the way back from Ardeche, a visit to Lyon, where we discovered a new restaurant, L'Oxalis (Lyon has two major contemporary art museums, and superb galleries, in addition to the Beaux-Arts). Over a year ago, we treated ourselves to the Saint-James in Bouliac: hotel, designed by Jean Nouvel, and New Year's Eve dinner by Jean-Marie Amat, not forgetting, on the way back from Barcelona, a stop at Le Pastel in Toulouse, where Gerard Garrigues treated us elegantly, from his wife's personal welcome to the degustation menu... Has anybody tried Georges at the Pompidou Center? Paris is the star there, but the informal lunch menu is delicious, and the decor surprising and stunning -- a matter of taste I suppose, appropriately enough.

When e-Gulleteers say they don't travel for art, what do they imply? That gastronomy is not art? I thought it had to do with culinary arts? :biggrin:

#33 Pinga

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Posted 24 June 2003 - 07:49 AM

Really enjoyed the thread and it got me wondering if you were looking to move abroad for a job,retirement ,sabatical whatever if the cuisine would be enough of a reason to jump.

Iwas lucky enough to have been sent to live in Korea,Japan the US and Brazil for work and the food was a large factor.Italy is looking tempting but have not foundthe job to match it yet. :biggrin: