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Liquid (alcohol) center chocolates using starch

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#1 Victor Antonio Padilla

Victor Antonio Padilla
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Posted 06 June 2014 - 08:26 AM



I've been trying to make these liquid center pralines using starch and then covering with tempered chocolate for the las couple of days. I am having problems when I pour the syrup in the starch holes. I've managed to make it in a way that it doesn't penetrate the starch(sometimes), but when I have to cover the filled holes with more starch it just goes trough the liquid, it doesn't stay on top of it.


Almost forgot, if anyone has thought in a way to put them in a painted mold (with the chocolate shell already of course) I would like to read your experiences before I start experimenting myself.


Hope you could give me some advise.


Greeting from Peru :)



P.D.: I don't post much in the forum, but I do read it and appreciate a lot any help you can give me, much of the advise you gave me took me from failing with painting to this: (many thanks to Kerry and everyone that helped me)



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#2 gfron1

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 09:43 AM

Are you drying the starch?  I've never had the liquid soak into the starch before.  

Chef, Curious Kumquat, Silver City, NM

#3 ChocoMom

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 10:46 AM

When I did this, I failed miserably the first time around--but learned a couple lessons:


The second time, used 1 pt cornstarch; 2 parts cake flour. Sifted twice. Baked it on low heat for 6 hours, and left it to sit overnight. It was very very dry. (I baked two pans since additional starch is needed later to sift over the top.


Then,  made the imprints in the starch/flour mixture. Make certain there are no cracks inside the imprint you leave in the starch. That made all the difference in the world.  


Once you've filled the cavities, sift more of the baked flour/starch mix evenly over the filled cavities.  I let it set for 24-36 hours before I dared to turn them over. None cracked. (I was surprised!)  After I flipped them, they set for another 12 hours. I brushed them gently with a pastry brush, then dipped in 72%.   It was a time consuming pain in the neck, but I had an order for them.    I finished each piece with a tiny flake of gold leaf in the center.  All that work...might as well make it look cool, right?


I also did them using a magnetic mold, small square cavities, with a transfer sheet.  The tempered chocolate is heavier than the vodka syrup, so if the chocolate lands in the middle of a filled cavity rather than covering the whole thing all at once...it splurts out all over.  I used an enormous spoon and was able to cover two rows of cavities at a time. I tapped the mold gently, then scraped it. All of them turned out fine- no leaks.  Just be sure to get the chocolate over the whole cavity all at once. 


Hope that helps...Andrea

#4 minas6907

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 02:29 PM

I used to make the alcohol cordials in starch beds...but im really tired of the mess, im really over handing all that starch. Just like the above poster said, be absolutely sure that your cornstarch is dry. Put it in a 200f oven for a few hours, after that, sift it, make your cavities, and when you deposit your alcohol syrup, the liquid will not soak into the starch bed.

When I do liquor cordials now, i always use a mold. Its way faster, and I love the clean look of the molded bonbon (and hand dipping is really not my thing!) Make your chocolate shells in your mold as usual. Boil your syrup and let it cool down to 75f. Deposit into the cavaties, and set aside for 24hr. Provided the syrup was made properly, itll crystallize and you'll be able to easily close the bonbons. Post a few pics when your done. Again, after making the cordials in the molds, I stopped using starch. For me, its alot easier and much faster.

#5 Victor Antonio Padilla

Victor Antonio Padilla
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Posted 06 June 2014 - 03:50 PM

Thanks a lot, tomorrow I will try to make them again and will report back :)

#6 Victor Antonio Padilla

Victor Antonio Padilla
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  • Location:Lima, Peru

Posted 09 June 2014 - 08:49 PM

Just to report some progress. I left them for 24 hours after extra drying the starch. No more soaking and all the bottoms are firmly crystalized. I've had to re cover them twice because every twelve hours or so, the starch dissapeared :/ (maybe the starch is still not dry enough? Or didn't cook the syrup enough?). Current state is the upper parts have partially cristalized, I will leave them covered for 6 more hours and see if they get completely cristalized and we can call it a success.
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