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The Time Life series "The Good Cook"

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#31 rotuts

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 06:03 PM

Professional Students of the Plate. neither were professional cooks.



Mrs. Child taught us to remember, its going to be on your plate.


that's why at then end of each show, B&W, etc.  she served the food to her guests  ( you and me ) and her self.


then then said  


"Bon Appetit"


she meant it.


being able to cook  well helped them understand that its about the Plate.  in the end.


with some friends.  there were always many plates on Mrs. Childs table


I dont know how R.O. ate.  but in there early books there were some pictures.


not by himself.

#32 SLB

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Posted Yesterday, 09:09 AM

People.  I just discovered these in a beach house rental.  OMG!!!  I immediately ordered several off of Amazon.  They were extraordinary!  I'm nervous that I'm going to end up getting all of them (I kind of have a lid purchase of new cookbooks, which you can see sometimes gets blown off . . .).  But I can't wait!  

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#33 rotuts

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Posted Yesterday, 09:16 AM

on ebay there are many sets of this series at various prices along with an earlier set of fine cookbooks from time-life


Foods of the World.


I almost got a complete set of Foods of the World for < 100 $$ shipped, but the seller somehow kept increasing the price and the set was never sold.

#34 cyalexa

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Posted Yesterday, 12:37 PM

Since reading about these on this site I have begun checking Goodwill and thrift shops, especially when I travel. I have accumulated quite a few. Some were purchased for only $0.50, all were less than $3.00. I have enjoyed every recipe I tried.

#35 GlorifiedRice

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Posted Yesterday, 01:30 PM



What about this lovely series?

Wawa Sizzli FTW!