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Sous Vide: Recipes, Techniques & Equipment (Part 9)


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#571 Tri2Cook

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Posted 07 November 2014 - 08:50 PM

You'll be ok. You might want a finer grind just to make sure the end texture is uniform (to prevent that aforementioned problem with bits from different areas).  You might want to experiment first with some store sausage to get an idea of what you'll get.

The grind shouldn't be a problem, they will be completely emulsified into a paste. The bologna will be a paste of beef and pork. The mortadella will be a similar paste but all pork and different seasonings with blanched fat cubes, black peppercorns and pistachios mixed in after emulsifying the paste.

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

#572 paulraphael

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Posted 08 November 2014 - 10:33 PM

You probably don't need it for this project, but the SV dash app is a great resource. Takes out most of the guesswork and helps answer just about any kind of "what if" question. Playing with also helps you develop a better mental model of heat transfer ... it will help you guess better if you ever have to

#573 shadowjack

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 04:55 AM

Hello all!
First of all, thank you for all information gathered it these threads. I learned so much, mostly important food safety protocols and guidelines.
I'v made my SV setup myself. I used 1kW bucket hater for heat source, beer can for should so it would not melt container and bags, small submersible pump for circulation, MAXIM/DALLAS DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, Arduino for control board and mechanical relay.
So far I'm satisfied with performance, and I can control every detail of algorithm as I coded it myself.
Bonus feature is that board can control multiple bathes at different temperatures.
I'm planning to add Bluetooth module to control it with my phone - I think it would be nice with presets and timers.
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#574 pbear

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 10:06 AM

But, does it make toast?


Just kidding.  Congratulations.

#575 katace

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 05:02 PM

I did sous vide a whole turkey this year. First I quartered it and packed the legs/thighs in separate bags with herbs and some duck fat. Then each breast in its separate bag with herbs and duck fat. Sous vide each at slightly different temps and times. Chilled and put in frig. Re-thermed them in the sink (since it was too much meat for my sous vide container - it was a 23 lb turkey) and finished for 20 minutes in a 500 oven till the skin browned and got crispy. It was great! Evenly and perfectly cooked - every single piece. Now I'm making soup stock. 

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#576 Mjx

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Posted 02 December 2014 - 02:09 AM

Manager note: Back in 2004, when this topic was first started, there wasn't much discussion of cooking sous vide, and it made sense to have all the discussions of this topic under one, easily found heading. Now, however, cooking sous vide is a frequent discussion topic, and the discussions tend to be very specific and detailed; merging them under one overarching discussion is no longer helpful, and would often be counterproductive[color=#000080]. For this reason, we're locking this general discussion, which will still be available to browse.
An index to much of this discussion may be found here: Sous Vide Index

ETA: Daily discussion of cooking sous vide continues, in a form that better reflects the extent and the general level of experience among the eGullet community: What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today?
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