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The Searzall by Dave Arnold


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#31 rotuts

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 09:17 AM

""  whole reason for creating it. ""


agree.  now if they meat their goals ...



#32 jmolinari

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 09:21 AM

""  whole reason for creating it. ""


agree.  now if they meat their goals ...




I have no concern that it'll get delivered, EVENTUALLY.


June 2014? We'll see. I'm mentally prepared for delays already. Every kickstarter project i've followed out of interest has been delayed months and months

#33 dcarch

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 10:10 AM

There are technical issues which will need to be dealt with.


Those of you who have worked with a propane torch will know that many torches cannot operate very well upside down.


You can see the so called insulator cone loses 1/2 the BTUs, requiring the wire heat shield cage around it. I think what it needs is an insulating ceramic reflector to keep all the BTUs downwards, then the heat shield cage can be very small, making the packaging much easier.


I think this can be a very successful appliance, for more than sous vide cooking. Perfect item for TV infomercial.



#34 DiggingDogFarm

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 10:33 AM

I think I'm going to skip the Kickstarter launch.

I'll wait for the reviews after it becomes commercially available.

It isn't clear that it'll fit my preferred torch, the Bernzomatic JT680 Jumbo, if not,  that's a real bummer!

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#35 Shalmanese

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 01:17 PM

Recently there have been a few new sous vide circulators on the market, they all share one thing in common. All of them are packaged in very sexy "industrial designed" bodies. They are all very appealing sitting on the kitchen counter. 


I am surprised that the Searzall, which is a useful concept, is such a lousy looking thing, totally lacking in visual appeal. It belongs in an automobile repair shop, not in any modern kitchen.


With all the resources David Arnold has, this is a waste of so much of Kickstarter's marketing potential.


I don't think it is a patentable idea, because there are many other propane infrared heaters around (camping). 


Mr. Arnold, if you are reading this, I wish you a lot of luck with this.





a) What you're seeing on the kickstarter is a prototype, not the final mass produced tool

b) working at that level of heat limits the amount of styling you can do to the product since plastics and most paints would not be able to survive

c) I actually like the industrial look it has and I think it a design that tried to make it too cutesy would lose the impression of power I get from the device.

PS: I am a guy.

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