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Want to Work Pastry & Baking in France – Advice?

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#1 johnson0427

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 05:53 PM

Hello, I am cook who currently works in a fine dinning restaurant that has been cooking savory for well over 7 years.  Recently I have taking over the bread department at my restaurant and have really taken on a liking for the art of baking and wish to pursue it further.  I wish to got to Paris in hopes of taking on a stage for at least 3 months to try and learn form the masters of bread.   Currently I am planning a vacation to paris to see the bread first hand and hopefully establish a contact(s).  My hopes are to work over there once I am finished at my current job and wanted to ask for advice on how to secure a stage.  


The questions I have are as follows:

 - What is the best way to talk to the french on my vacation in order to make this happen?

 - What do I need to know about Visas and how to attain one?

 - Advice on what Boulangeries to check out?



Currently I can read french and speak on a very basic level and have a beginning knowledge on bread baking.


Please feel free to respond with any advice you can offer.


Thank you