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Cooking & Curing from "Charcuterie": Part 5

Charcuterie Cookbook

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#541 takadi

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 11:27 AM

Alright I have some duck prosciutto in the curing fridge and I've noticed three kinds of molds growing. One is a fuzzy white mold. Another is a dark green mold that sort of looks like algae (there was some meat to meat contact at this area so it was kind of wet). The last one is a spotty white mold that is more opaque. From what I've read so far, which isn't much, white molds are okay and green molds are iffy...I've rubbed them off with some a salt and vinegar solution, but I'm wondering if it's okay to just let those molds go wild

#542 Richard Audet

Richard Audet
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Posted 28 July 2014 - 11:36 PM

G'day all.


A couple of questions and a comment.


Q.1 for Doc-G: I live in Australia as well and having a hard time (ie. entirely unsuccessful) finding a source for Bactoferm. Where do you source from?


Q.2 What does everyone do with all this product??? My family can plow through the bacon fairly reliably but, my god!, the quantity I see would cover us a good part of the year! Not to sound cheap but I'm reluctant to be handing all the work and expense as gifts to family and friends on a regular, ongoing basis. On the other hand, banging it out makes for good practice and opportunities for testing.


Comment: Boudin Noir has been removed from all plans going forward!! Wife would have my .... if ever she walked in on our kitchen looking like that! So glad it wasn't me!


Cheers all and thanks for all the advice throughout this (and previous charcuterie) thread.


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