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Help Topic: Linking to Topics and Posts

There are several ways to add links in your eG Forums post. This help topic discusses adding general links, as well as adding links specifically to eG Forums topics and directly to other posts.

Getting a Topic Link

Getting a link to a topic can be done in a number of ways, depending on your web browser, but the simplest is to go to the topic you want to link to and copy the text from the address bar:

Getting Post Link

Getting a link to a post is a little trickier. First, go to the post you want to link to: in the upper right-hand corner of the post, click on the small number.

A window will open with a link to that post in it. The exact appearance will vary depending on your web browser, but here is an example of how it looks in Firefox on a Mac:

On most systems the contents of the field will start out selected, so just choose "Copy" from the Edit menu in your browser to copy the link to your clipboard. If the link is not selected, make sure you select the whole thing, since the whole link does not usually fit in the window that pops up.

Using the URL tag

Any type of link, whether a topic link, a post link, or a link to an outside website, can be inserted into your post using the URL tag. To use this tag, in the posting window click on the "Insert URL" icon:

A small window will appear where you can paste in the URL and add the text for the link:

When you click "Insert Link" in that window it will close and a new URL tag will be inserted into your post window, looking something like this:

<br />
[url=http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?/topic/83174-about-the-egullet-society/]A link to a page[/url]<br />

Using the TOPIC and POST tags

A shorter alternative to using the full URL when linking to a topic or post is to use the TOPIC and POST tags and the topic or post ID numbers, rather than the full link. For a topic, the ID number is the first number that appears in the URL:

and the tag works like this:

<br />
[topic=83174]A link to a topic[/topic]<br />

For a post the tag works the same way, but is called POST instead of topic, and the post ID is the last number in the post link you obtained above:

The resulting code looks like this:

<br />
[post=1130492]A link to a post[/post]<br />