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These forums are a service of the Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancement of the culinary arts. Anyone can read the forums, however if you would like to participate in active discussions please join the society.

Help Topic: Joining the Society

Thank you for your interest in joining the Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, whose mission is to increase awareness and knowledge of the arts of cooking, eating and drinking, as well as the literature of food and drink. We are a member-supported 501c3 not-for-profit public charity.

If you would simply like to visit the eGullet.org web site to peruse eG Forums, take an eGCI course, or read our many other online services, you don't need to join. If you've come this far, however, we hope it's because you want to become a part of our mission and join the community of Society members.

Becoming a Society Donor

As a public non-profit organization, we rely on tax-deductible financial contributions from members to operate the Society. Society donors receive larger online storage allocations and other enhancements, and they are recognized for their generous support of our mission. Click here to apply to become a Society Donor.

Becoming a Participating Member

Anyone may apply for a free participating membership in the eGullet Society, granting the ability to post in eG Forums, use the personal messaging system, store images in ImageGullet, and more. Click here to apply.

Terms of Membership

The Society maintains a Member Agreement describing the guidelines governing all aspects of Society membership. All Society members must abide by such terms of the Member Agreement as are applicable to such members' activities as eGullet Society members.